Let politicians take a lesson from Buddha’s sacrifices, renunciation

"A little statue of Buddha."

“A little statue of Buddha.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Addressing a gathering of youth and students today on the occasion of Buddh Purnima, Prof.Bhim Singh, the author of Ultimate Revolution and Founder of J&K National Panthers Party wished that politicians who observe birthdays and celebrate the names of great sages and saints like Buddha, Mahavir and others have been working contrary to the message and teachings of these great saints. Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the politicians who sing praises and flowers on the statues of Mahatma Buddha and others have not learnt a lesson from the sacrifices and renunciation of these great saints.
Prof.Bhim Singh said that 90% politicians who are observing Buddh Purnima today and celebrating a national holiday have remained indulged in the loot and corruption during their days in power at still they are busy in the selling even air, water and coal thus robbing the wealth of the country resulting into miseries and starvation for hundreds of millions of inhabitants of the country. He reminded about Buddha renunciation who sacrificed his power and throne for the sake the depressed and oppressed people. He left his wife and child also to serve the people and the mankind. How many politicians today are serving the people and washing their wounds with their tears? How many politicians today are prepared to give up their black money they have earned by the misuse of their authority and power? How many politicians today can claim to be real disciples or followers today? The leaders have spent tones of huge money they raised by cheating in fraud for their victory in election by bribing the media and the electorates and they are celebrating Buddh Purnima today. How disgusting.
Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Ultimate Revolution (Samool Kranti) cannot be checked by playing fraud with the innocent people nor the revolution shall stop any longer and any more. If the politicians do not change and the powers seeking mechanism like present election system is not cleaned forthwith, there may be end of democracy. However, Buddha’s message shall rule the mankind after the Ultimate Revolution.
If justice and equity could flow to the wretched of the earth, the Buddha would have never given up his crown and walks to the woods.

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