Neither Modi nor Rahul!

It was a record creating polls for the Lok Sabha in India as it took 35 days to complete the election in the country. First poll took place on 7th April, 2014 whereas last concluded on 12th May, 2014. It has never happened before and in the interest of democracy, free and fair poll, it should never happen again. Technically the election process continued for nearly two months from the date of its first notification. Holding election in nine phases was a calculated blunder on the part of power that be in Delhi. Just imagine six Lok Sabha constituencies held poll in five phases without any valid reason or ground. When elections could be held just in one day in the states like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand or in Gujarat what made the Election Commission of India to hold election in different phases? Did it mean to provide sufficient space and timing to the so-called star campaigners so that they could visit their respective dens and create electoral pollution? And it happened.


English: , from a photograph showing a meeting...

English: , from a photograph showing a meeting between , , and Rahul. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Narendra Modi in Press Conference

English: Narendra Modi in Press Conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

EVM has proved a disaster for free and fair polls in India as it has happened in several western countries. Several countries around the world have banned the use of EVMs which can easily be manipulated by the Presiding Officers who owe allegiance to one party or the other. The Voice of Millions has made comprehensive survey in several areas e.g. Ladakh, Uttar Pradesh, Udhampur, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Uttarakhand etc. on the polling in those areas. The findings are clear and specific that there was vertical polarization in the country on the eve of each poll, thanks to Shri Narendra Modi backed and supported by RSS at home and western lobby in abroad. The poll percentage as has been indicated by the Election Commission is alarming. In almost all the hilly and far flung areas voting percentage crossed 90%. A letter was submitted to the CEC pointing out serious facts that several dead persons came to vote which can be assertained by any serious inquiry by an appropriate and independent authority.


The Election Commission has assured that pepper trail shall be provided to each voter once he pressed the button to cast his vote. This never happened. States like Mizoram, Sikkim, Tripura, J&K has had a tragic tale of democratic polling right since the implementation of the Indian Constitution. There is an example that an MP in Lok Sabha has taken an oath after he was declared elected only by his own (one vote). What is the justification for a person to represent the constituencies where polling does not touch even 30%. The system has to be upgraded and the constituencies where polling is less than 50% of the electorates in the constituency must be cancelled and new poll should be held. This will be in the interest of saving democracy which is already in peril. What right a person has to represent a state in the Lok Sabha when he does not secure even 15% of the votes. This shall be dooms day for democracy. Anarchy is the only answer.


What a shame that so-called candidates for the Prime Ministership could not find words to extend the message of India’s love, glory, tolerance and all that. The so-called big leaders have been using the language that a used by the American cow boys to abuse and accuse each other without spelling out their policies on national and international affairs or on the cultural values that Buddha, Vivekanand, Ram Tirath, Gandhi and others left for us in legacy.


The VOM survey has reached the conclusion that it shall be neither Modi nor Rahul to lead the next government. It shall be the third or alternate front comprising of all doves and hawks who shall unite to keep Modism away to save the glory of secular India.


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