Rejoinder to Modi on his silence on foreign policy, unemployment, terrorism

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party addressing media persons in New Delhi expressed surprise on the rumour mongering so-called Modi wave and shot several questions to Shri Narendra Modi, related to the issues of national and international importance during his election campaign. In his rejoinder he asked;

i).      Why BJP’s prime ministerial candidate remained shut on the foreign policy of India particularly in relation to the west and the Arab World?

ii).     What shall be Narendra Modi’s policy to tackle unemployment for the youth who are falling to drug menace and violence because of unemployment?

iii).    What shall be the foreign policy of Narendra Modi’s government (Narendra Modi’s government is being projected whereas BJP government does not figure in the RSS and Modi supporters mostly the business houses) towards the SAARC nations to promote friendly relations for the lasting peace on the borders?

iv).    Shall Narendra Modi adhere to the doctrine of socialist, secular and democratic India which is coined on the face of the Indian Constitution?

v).     What shall be the future of the composite culture and secularism in India which are the soul of the largest democracy in the world.

vi).    Shall Modi amend or abrogate Article 370 from the Indian Constitution or he shall like the Congress and others start another discussion on the subject for the next century? Mr. Narendra Modi has been fooling the people that he is in favour of starting a discussion on the subject which was followed by several governments in the Centre.

vii).   What shall be done industrial policy in India? Shall Narendra Modi strengthen the roots of FDI on the footsteps of predecessor, the Congress?

viii).  What Narendra Modi shall do to restart the teaching of the regional and the national history to keep the coming generations alive about their past? Shall Narendra Modi allow American doctrine of ‘not going to the past history’ and teach the students so-called concocted history in the name of Social Sciences? In the US, history is not taught, naturally, the American have no history or past cultural background or philosophy.

ix).    Does Narendra Modi stand for the empowerment to the Parliament to enact laws vis-à-vis Jammu and Kashmir when the state is integral part of the Union?

x).     How does Narendra Modi justify granting Union Territory status to Ladakh when 1/3rd of J&K is under the illegal occupation of Pakistan. What about reorganization of the entire state so that each region namely, Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh get justice and equity at all levels?

xi).    What the solution to settle LoC (J&K) or to make it irrelevant one for all by upholding the unity, integrity and sovereignty of India?

xii).   What shall be Narendra Modi’s policy towards the illegal occupation of Gilgit-Baltistan (integral part of the Union by virtue of merger of J&K with the Union of India) which has been illegally occupied by Pakistan?

xiii).  What does Mr. Narendra Modi has to say on the Sant Longowal and Rajiv Gandhi Accord on Punjab?

xiv).  What does Narendra Modi shall comment on the Rajiv Gandhi Accord with the Assam leaders in 1985 to resolve the Assam tension?

xv).   What shall be Narendra Modi’s formula to end corruption and terrorism in the country?

xvi).  What shall be Narendra Modi’s policy on disarmament and international peace?

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that the future of the next government shall be decided on the evening of 16th May, 2014 and naturally all the non-BJP political groups shall join hands including the Congress to keep the extremists out of the next government.