NPP Supremo campaigns for NPP candidates in Bihar

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party campaigned for Mr. Moqim Ansari contesting from Purvi Champaran Parliamentary Constituency as NPP candidate and others today. Prof.Bhim Singh also campaigned for Mrs. Lovely Anand, (former Member of Parliament), who is contesting from Sheohar Lok Sabha constituency on Samajwadi Party ticket with ‘bicycle’ as her symbol.

Addressing several election rallies in Penara, Patahi, Ghorasan and several other places, Prof.Bhim Singh said that people want change throughout the country yet BJP is not a change nor its Prime Minister’s candidate Mr. Narendra Modi is. He addressed mammoth rallies arguing that it is Narendra Modi nor Rahul Gandhi who shall lead the next Union Govt. He pronounced that people of this country have decided to give the lead to a third person from the regional parties. May it be Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mrs. J. Jayalalitha or somebody else. He also declared that all non-BJP parties have already decided to keep BJP out of power to save country from fascism and anarchy. Prof.Bhim Singh in his address also announced that next Parliament shall have to amend Article 370 to empower Parliament to legislate on J&K. He said that terrorism and blood in J&K is mainly because of the fact that Parliament does not enjoy any power to make laws on J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh said people of J&K or neither against India nor against Indian Army. They desired to live as fully integral part of India which have remained denied to them for the past 63 years. Prof.Bhim Singh assured the support of the Panthers Party to the third or alternative front to keep BJP and Congress out of power so that the national issues relating to J&K, Assam and other areas may be resolved democratically and peacefully.

Prof.Bhim Singh was also accompanied by 90-year-old mother of Shri Anand Mohan Singh (husband of Mrs. Lovely Anand) and Ms. Surbhi Singh, d/o Shri Anand Mohan Singh, presently lodged in Bihar jail.