Bhim Singh’s rejoinder to Pak Army Chief on J&K History

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council has in a rejoinder joined the issue raised by Pak-Army Chief, Mr. Raheel Sharif who yesterday recklessly followed the routine sloganeering of the politicians that J&K is jugular vein of Pakistan and the so-called issue should be resolved under the Security Council Resolutions of 1948. Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the elite general that he should have read the contents of the resolutions before harping on the subject.
Prof. Bhim Singh reminded the General that Security Council Resolution of 13th August, 1948 had directed Pakistan to withdraw its armed forces from entire occupying areas of J&K which included the so-called ‘Azad Kashmir’ and entire Gilgit-Baltistan region. Prof.Bhim Singh said that General should tell Pakistani government to implement the resolution first so that entire Gilgit-Baltistan is liberated forthwith and future of the so-called ‘Azad Kashmir’ should be decided by the citizens of J&K residing in POK.
Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the Army Chief that if J&K is jugular vein of Pakistan then Pakistan has no scope to survive because this jugular vein broke in 1948 and again in 1999

SCBA express solidarity with Jammu Bar Association, Urged Chief Justice of J&K for his urgent intervention

A special meeting of the Executive Committee of the Supreme Court Bar Association was held here this evening under the chairmanship of SCBA President, Shri Pravin H. Parekh which passed a unanimous resolution expressing deep concern, anguish and unhappiness over the 11-day continuous strike by J&K High Court Bar Association demanding urgent action against the erring police officers for having assaulted, harassed and illegally detained a Member of the Bar Association in a Jammu Police Station.

The resolution was proposed by Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Executive Member of the SCBA and seconded by Ms. Aishwarya Bhati, Hony. Secretary of the SCBA. The resolution urged the Chief Justice of J&K High Court for his urgent intervention to ensure justice, equity and immediate legal action against the police officers involved in harassment and detaining a member of the Bar Association.