Bhim Singh concludes his 15-day stormy election campaign, declares, ‘I shall win’

Bhim Singh concludes his 15-day stormy election campaign, declares, ‘I shall win’

 Prof.Bhim Singh Panthers candidate from Udhampur Lok Sabha Constituency addressed several election rallies in his constituency accusing the alliance leadership in J&K and UPA expressing shock that Mr. Narendra Modi, BJP sponsored leader has not been exposed by the Congress and leftists though they had ample opportunity. He said that there is no Modi wave in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and J&K. In J&K there is a wave against corruption, communalism and terrorism.

Prof.Bhim Singh concluded the campaign at 5.00 p.m. on the international border town Kandian Gandial in Distt. Kathua. Earlier addressing the closing ceremony at Udhampur, Prof.Bhim Singh emphasized need to improve relation with Arab world in particular which have declined during the last two decades. He also assured that he shall ensure amendment in Article 370 so that J&K is fully integrated with the rest of the country. He criticized that the State Govt. for treating the youth and students like butterflies.

Prof.Bhim Singh completed 15 days’ campaign in Udhampur Parliamentary Constituency where he is facing BJP and Congress.


Sd/-Jagdev Singh, Coordination Secretary




Young Panthers

J&K National Panthers Party


15th April, 2014

Kathua (J&K)

Press Release

Young Panthers Leader called youth & students to support & vote Bhim Singh in Udhampur Lok Sabha Constituency



Mr. Vilakshan Singh, General Secretary, Young Panthers after concluding in his tour for five days in Kathua District with his team that there is only one wave in Udhampur Lok Sabha Constituency that is Prof.Bhim Singh who has been fighting for the cause of the youth and the students for the past 55 years. He said during their campaign in Kathua, we confronted with the people of different ideas but everyone agreed that there is no candidate who can match Prof.Bhim Singh in education, in sacrifices, jails and international understanding.

Mr. Vilakshan Singh said that, though, BJP and Congress have been trying to communalize Udhampur election which has proved counter productive for both. The Panthers Party candidate is unparallelled in every sphere and we hope that he hoped that the youth and the students of country shall send him to Parliament.