NPP candidate from Udhampur pledges to amend discriminatory provisions in the Indian Constitution

Prof.Bhim Singh, Panthers Party candidate from Udhampur Parliamentary Constituency addressing several meetings in Assembly segments of Bani, Basohli & Hiranagar segments warned the nationalist forces in the country on the dangers to the security, integrity and unity of the country if the scientific amendments are not made in the Constitution of India. He said that the sovereignty comes under question by the foreign elements when there are two flags in one state and the Parliament has no legislative control in an particular state e.g. J&K. Prof.Bhim Singh said that he shall mobilize the opinion of the Parliamentarians for an effective amendment in the Constitution for the security, unity and integrity of the nation.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that cause of violence in J&K or Assam cannot be compared with the violent activities in the rest of the country. He emphasized for a drastic amendment in the Representation of Peoples’ Act so that the elections of the representatives of the recognized political parties are financially supported by the state and official rigging is checked. He said that violence by particular groups of the youth like Naxalites and others is because of the mounting corruption and betrayal by the politicians with the youth. In the election rallies Prof.Bhim Singh expressed strong reservation of the preservation of democracy in the country. He explained that the total income including salaries of a Member of Parliament does not exceed Rs.20 lacs whereas he is free to spend Rs.70 lacs for his election. The others who loose the election mostly invest minimum Rs.70 lacs From where this remaining Rs.50 lacs for the winning candidates shall be compensation. This is the root cause of corruption in politics. This is the root cause of violence in the society by the educated youth. This will be dangerous for the growth of democracy in India. Prof.Bhim Singh urged the Election Commission of India to apply election rules and Code of Conduct in the same way as it is applied outside J&K. He said that Article 370 cannot give an immunity to the law-breakers to rig the polls and violate the Code of Election Rules.