Bhim Singh accuses some Election Observers & some District Election Officers, bias against NPP

Prof.Bhim Singh regretted that the some of the observers appointed for J&K have been openly campaigning and defending NC-Congress alliance candidate in Jammu Pradesh. This is evident from the fact that flags or banners fixed on private houses with consent are removed by the passing Observers or District Election Officers. He said that both BJP and Congress have been displaying vulgar advertisements material and District Election Officers passed through the areas by turning away their heads.

            Prof.Bhim Singh in his letter has strongly protested to the Chief Election Commissioner about the discriminatory and biased attitude towards Panthers Party. He demanded immediate removal of District Election Officers or AROs who has close relation with the Congress or NC ministers and such District Election Officers are appointed in the constituencies the such ministers have been sitting MLAs.

            Addressing several meetings at Ramnagar, Chowki, Jandror, Ghordi, Barmin, Kaldi in spite of thunder storms and lashing rains, Prof.Bhim Singh appealed the electorates to vote for the Panthers Party which is the only party in the country which stands for justice and rights. He accused BJP to spread communal hatred and National Conference for promoting terrorism in J&K. He told Dograsthegreat to get ready to defend our land from internal and external threat so that J&K is fully integrated with the rest of the country. He told Panthers Party rallies organized at different stations that there is not a single political party in the country which has supported fully integration of the state with the rest of the country. He accused BJP by betraying the people by taking a ‘U’ turn on Article 370 which clearly indicates that power is dearer to BJP than national security and J&K’s integration.

            Prof.Bhim Singh was accompanied by Shri Harsh Dev Singh, MLA & Chairman, Shri R.P. Sharma, Political Secretary, Shri Kuldip Singh, Provincial Secretary, Shri Pawan Singh, State Secretary of Young Panthers, Shri Shanker Singh Chib, General Secretary-Kisan Council and several sarpanches of the areas.

            Earlier in the day, Prof.Bhim Singh had miraculous escape with his ‘Bhim Rath’ when he successfully attempted to cross a heavily flooded nala called ‘Mallian Nala’ under heavy rain. It was one of the most daring act of the Panthers Party candidate from Udhampur who defied weather, rain and flooded nalas having no bridges.

            Several speakers reminded the audience at different places how Prof.Bhim Singh as an MLA of Ghordi managed to extend road from Udhampur to Ghordi in one year when Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah was the Chief Minister and Prof.Bhim Singh as a leader of the opposition.

            Prof.Bhim Singh accused the State Govt. for treating the SPOs as bounded labours, exploiting the NYC volunteers and cheating them by breaking the promise to absolve them permanently. Prof.Bhim Singh assured he shall take up the cause of the SPOs, contractual employees, home guards and NYC volunteers and farmers in the Parliament if he is given this chance by the Udhampur electorates. This was fifth day of the hectic campaign led by Prof.Bhim Singh in Udhampur Parliamentary Constituency where election shall be held on 17th April, 2014.