DC Reasi plays foul with Panthers Party relaxed rules for Congress and BJP

The Panthers Party team led by Prof.Bhim Singh, Panthers Party candidate from Udhampur Parliamentary Constituency addressed several election rallies in Reasi District today along with his team making strong appeal to voters to support and vote Panthers Party in their own interests.

            Prof. Bhim Singh in a letter addressed to Chief Election Commissioner, Shri V.S.Sampath flashed a communication about the illegal and discriminatory attitude of Dy. Commissioner, Reasi who is also Assistant Returning Officer charging the Dy. Commissioner to play foul with the Panthers Party. The Dy. Commissioner himself confiscated a Panthers Party’s vehicle which had fixed a party flag without any public address system on the highway. The Dy. Commissioner also detained a Congress vehicle. After a little while on the telephone call from Congress office. Prof.Bhim Singh in his protest letter to the CEC made a strong protest on the highly objectionable remarks of the Assistant Returning Officer that, “Hell to the Congress Party and hell to other parties……..” Prof.Bhim Singh said that an officer incharge of a District to conduct election under the supervision of the Election Commission of India using highly objectionable language against the political parties amounts to disobedience and contempt of the Election Commission of India.

            Addressing several rallies Prof.Bhim Singh called on the people in historic town of Reasi where General Zorawar Singh had organized his Dogra Army to liberate the Ladakh and Gilgit-Baltstan between 1836 and 1842. Prof.Bhim Singh said that if he elected to the Parliament he shall ensure that the regional history of the great Dogras is taught throughout Jammu Pradesh from 1st class to the university so that the new generations shall know the history of their forefathers and their contributions to the strengthen the boundaries Bharata beyond Kashmir in the middle of 19th century. Prof.Bhim Singh accused BJP for betraying the people of Jammu Pradesh by receiving the grandson of Sheikh Abdullah in their lap during the BJP rule in the Centre. He said that the same party used to accuse Sheikh Abdullah for the murder of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee (Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee died in Srinagar jail during Sheikh Abdullah’s rule when he crossed J&K from Punjab Border in total defiance of the entry permit in 1953) and the BJP promised their electorates that they will bring Sheikh Abdullah to justice whenever they were come to power in the Centre. Prof.Bhim Singh also accused BJP for exploiting the sentiments of the people of Jammu just to serve their personal and individual interest. He said that it was BJP leadership which betrayed the people of Jammu Pradesh during Bamb Bhole agitation by signing midnight surrender deed with the Congress Govt. He also said that he shall stand by the party in the Lok Sabha which shall support the cause of the people of Jammu Pradesh whosoever it may be. He regretted Panthers Party stand for the reorganization of J&K through amendment in Article 370. He accused the Kashmiri dominated government for destroying the Dogra identity and its historical monuments just to take revenge against the Dogras. Prof.Bhim Singh accused BJP for betraying its own leaders like Shri Rishi Kumar Koushal and Thakur Baldev Singh who had given blood to build BJP image in Jammu Pradesh. Prof.Bhim Singh also accused the Congress for encouraging corruption in politics. He said a candidate is allowed to spend Rs.70 lacs as his election expenses when, if elected, he cannot raise more than Rs.15 lacs in five years. He said that Rs.5 crores MPLAD to an MP every year is to compensate his election expenses indirectly. Unless the present electoral system is reformed drastically political corruption cannot be eradicated which is the fountain of all sources of corruption in the country. He said expressed deep shock on the failure of the Central Govt. to elect in the interest of national security in J&K. He said that the second Hiranagar incident resulting into the killings of innocent citizens by terrorists speaks volumes about the involvement of the state machinery. Omar Abdullah, by now, should have been dismissed straight.

The other noted leaders of JKNPP addressed the massive rally included Ms. Anita Thakur, Mr. Balwan Singh, Provincial Secretary, Mr. Padam Dev Singh, Advocate, Distt. President, Mr. Jagdev Singh, President, Talwara Migrants Action Committee, Mr. R.P. Sharma and other