SC adjourned Pak-prisoners case to August after hearing counsels for the prisoners & Union

The Supreme Court heard the arguments of Prof. Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate on the petition filed for the release of 265 (admittedly) Pakistani prisoners and 131 Pakistani fishermen lodged in various jails and prisons in India. Prof. Bhim Singh has been arguing for the release of all Pak & POK prisoners who have been languishing in different Indian jails for more than a decade. 39 prisoners have completed their respective sentences. The Union of India in its counter admitted the fact that there are 265 ordinary prisoners in the Indian jails besides 131 fishermen. The Additional Solicitor General, Shri P.P. Malhotra, Sr. Advocate admitted that there are 57 prisoners who had either completed their sentences. The Union of India admitted that there are ten prisoners who have completed their sentences and Pakistan has also confirmed their nationality. The Union of India stated before the Division Bench of the Supreme Court comprising of JJ Mr. R.M. Lodha and Mr. Justice S.B. Bobde directed the Unon of India to speed up the process of repatriation of  Mr. Zisan Alam, s/o Mohd. Alam Khan (detained in Detention Centre, Alwar), Mohd. Akram Chaudhary, s/o Haji Mohd. Yakoob Chaudhary, Mohd. Yousuf Khawaja, s/o Mohd. Ayoub, r/o Nakote Wade, Lippa, Muzaffrabad, Mr. Faheem Siddique, s/o Choudhri Mohhamad Saddique (detained in Amristar), Mohd. Adnan Malik, Saifullah, Mohd. Sagir, s/o Saad Mohammad, Munawar Hussain Shah, s/o Habib Hussain Shah, Mohd. Tariq, s/o Abdul Majid (Detained in Sub-Jail Hiranagar) who had been detained in different jails.

Prof.Bhim Singh also prayed before the Court to direct the Union of India to take up the matter before the respective trial courts at the earliest. He said the Supreme Court had directed the Union of India and the State of J&K to ensure that trials of the foreign prisoners in Indian jails are completed within one year. This order the Supreme Court had made in 2008. Prof.Bhim Singh also submitted that the Union of India should take up the matter with Govt. of Pakistan for confirmation of nationality of about 40 Pak prisoners so that they may be repatriated.

Prof.Bhim Singh expressed deep concern on the detention of about 30 Pakistani prisoners five of them are deaf and dumb submitted that this is urgent that Union of India takes appropriate steps for the confirmation of the nationality of these prisoners who have been detained in Amritsar prison for years. The Union of India informed the Supreme Court that Pakistan High Commission has not responded to this inquiry in three years.

Prof.Bhim Singh also mentioned about one Abdul Sharief presently in Amritsar Central Jail whose sentence was completed in 1997 and his nationality has not been confirmed in 17 years. He urged the court for appropriate action in this regard.   

Justice R.M. Lodha appreciated the efforts of Prof.Bhim Singh for continuously taking these cases of Pakistani prisoners to a logical end and expressed satisfaction that his efforts has brought justice to the helpless prisoners who had none to take up their cases in India. He hoped that the Union of India will take these cases urgently and fast.