Bhim Singh calls on students to fight for public causes Delhi University (Law Faculty) honours him

Delhi University (Law Faculty) honours him

The Faculty of Law in Delhi University Campus gave a thrilling ovation to Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Assocaition this afternoon when the students and the staff invited him to speak on Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and its affects. Prof. (Dr.) Usha Tandon chaired the lecture/seminar where Prof.Bhim Singh was the Chief Guest. Prof.Bhim Singh had an opportunity to teach in the Law Faculty in 1975/76 during emergency. Prof.Bhim Singh was invited several times to speak on the situation in J&K also. Prof. (Dr.) Usha Tandon described Bhim Singh as a rare human being who has experimented with life in several disciplines like politics, journalism, legislature, human rights lawyer and above all as a die hard nationalist. She said that Prof.Bhim Singh comments on ‘virtues and evils’, victory of virtues or evils, overreaching fond of frustration is the key of life for every successful person and particularly a lawyer who is committed to the cause of others and humanity.

Addressing the enlightened students of law, Prof.Bhim Singh dealt with Public Interest Litigation explaining the background which brought him in the field of PIL. He praised former Chief Justice, P.N. Bhagwati, who, he said, was the greatest source of inspirations to him in the field of PIL. He dwelt on certain feedbacks, examples and actualities about PIL. He told the enthusiastic students of law that once in J&K he got stay order from the then Chief Justice of J&K High Court, Justice A.S. Anand on telephone to save the dwellings of the poor and SC owners of their huts in Bage Bahu. He said that he got stay order against the Act of J&K Legislature which allowed five lacs Pakistanis to return to J&K and settle there. The case is still pending for final hearing before the Supreme Court of India. He explained how he got half salaries ordinance of Sheikh Abdullah’s government quashed by the High Court of J&K. He praised the Chief Justice of J&K Mr. Bahuddin Farooqi who had quashed the State Law which had reduced the salaries of Govt. employees to a half. He said that it was Public Interest Litigation which guaranteed full rights to the ‘daughters’ of J&K whose rights to inheritance, in case they marry outside the state, were scuttled by the government. Prof.Bhim Singh said that several PILs against the Govt.of J&K and the Union of India filed by him or the Panthers Party are pending for final disposal. He said the latest example was that the Juvenile Act remained unimplemented till last week in J&K. He had moved a writ petition of Faizan, a 12 years old student against his illegal arrest. It was because of Supreme Court of India that case against Faizan was dropped and the Govt. constituted the Juvenile Welfare Board as well as Juvenile Courts in J&K. He told the students of the Law Faculty that the Advocates Act has not yet been implemented in J&K. He had filed a writ petition which is pending before the Supreme Court for the promulgation of the Advocates Act in J&K so that the lawyers could elect their Bar Council for the first time.

Prof.Bhim Singh answered several questions on State-Centre relations, freedom of speech and expression and even the question concerning the latest episode in the Meerut University. He said that he would not like to speak politics in this meeting, however, he blamed the Kashmiri politicians for misleading the younger generations on the fact of state’s Accession to the Union of India in 1947 as the state merged in to the Indian Union in 1952 when the Constituent Assembly headed by Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah terminated monarchy in the state.

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