Where People live in Stone Age in Jathana (Kathua), Marwah-Dachhen, Machel (Kishtwar), Mahu-Mangat (Banihal), after 63 years of Independence

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Member of National Integration Council has drawn the attention of Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India towards the most distressing situation in several pockets of Kathua, Udhampur, Reasi, Kishtwar, Doda, Ramban and other areas where the residents have been living in the Stone Age. I have identified several areas where the local residents, the citizens of free India live in rags, poverty, walk naked feet, have remained without clean drinking water and where there is no educational facilities or medical care. He said that Jathana is a small Ireland in Kathua District whereas it has been annexed for ulterior reasons with Billawar Assembly Constituency. The people of the area remain cut off from their neighbouring villages, of course, District and Tehsil headquarters for half of the year due to the swollen rivers and horrifying terrains. Similarly, Marwah-Dachhen has remained cut off from its District or Tehsil headquarters, Kishtwar. There are no roads, no means of communication even the latest mobile system has not been introduced. The people in the area have been living in Stone Age. They have been eating barley/sattoo as their food because no efforts have been made to grow maize or wheat or paddy. Where the citizens of India have not worn the shoes. The Government has not been able even to construct a kacha road or any means of communication. The area remained under siege of the militants for nearly a decade so much so that even police chowki was withdrawn from the area in the nineties.

Mahu-Mangat is another example where poverty, ignorance, disease rule and where the big leaders, the politicians fly in helicopters like other places to snatch votes from the suffering people of the area. The area is about 25 kms. from Banihal, though a railway track has been laid in the area yet Mahu-Mangat has no hope to see the dawn of democracy.

Machel is another tragic spot where people live in the most humiliating condition, no drinking water, no electricity, no medical care, no education facilities where policemen march into the village only to rob them of their sheep and cattle during the famous Machel yatra. A holy temple in Machel is covered by helicopter to bring religious tourists from Gulabgarh (Padar). Prof. Bhim Singh reminded Dr. Manmohan Singh that there are equally worst placed areas like Gulabgarh, Gool (Ramban), Desa and Gandon (Doda) which have remained neglected. Where the ruling class has been exploiting the people only to collect their votes during election.

In his letter Prof. Bhim Singh has reminded the Prime Minister that had the Govt. of India and J&K spent only half of the money which they spent to build a railway tunnel from Qazigund to Banihal. The stars and dignity of living of the people in these areas in Jammu Pradesh would have been restored.

NPP Supremo regretted that the ruling parties in the Centre may it be Congress, NC or BJP have completely ignored the people of Jammu Pradesh because they could not turn a political threat to the ruling clique in Srinagar or Delhi.