NC-Congress fomenting anarchy in J&K

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council has described the proposal to set up 659 new administrative units in J&K as a mirage to deceive the people and divert their attention from the real issues of corruption, authoritarian rule and non-governance he pleaded strongly for the reorganization of the state to set up separate legislature for Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh so that each region shall have independent budget, administrative units and legislature. He said that the delimitation of the constituencies was defeated by the ruling alliance with the tacit support of PDP which has been opposing the delimitation with perfect understanding with NC and Congress.

Commenting on the delimitation process, Prof. Bhim Singh regretted that, “It is to make the issue of delimitation of the constituencies crystal clear that the Supreme Court never put a stop on the delimitation process in J&K. The Supreme Court in a writ petition filed by the Panthers Party had upheld the judgment of the J&K High Court that the Constitution of J&K had been amended to withhold delimitation till after the census of 2026 was taken. Secondly, the Congress was never interested in the delimitation except making fool of the electorates in Jammu Pradesh.

Thirdly, delimitation did not mean only increase in the number of Assembly constituencies. It had two other important factors. The geographical readjustment of the Assembly constituencies and rotation of the reserved seats also. The Congress and NC leaders have been playing bluff with the people by adjusting geographical units from across the constituency limits and boundaries only to suit them caste-wise, sect-wise or otherwise. To minimize the importance of the Buddhists in Zanskar, four halqa-patwars of Kargil were annexed in Zanskar constituency. Similarly, Keran was tagged with Tangdhar only to reduce the Paharies in strength. Keran and Karnah remain cut off for six months from each other. Four halqa-patwars of Reasi District were annexed with Chenani Constituency of Udhampur District having no geographical connection at all. West Jammu Constituency is having nearly 1,80,000 voters whereas Jammu East has less than 60,000 voters. There are many such tragic tales to tell but the situation is exploited by political hawks in the ruling parties.

Fourthly, Kashmir Valley has no reserved seat. Jammu Pradesh has seven seats reserved for SC. They were reserved in 1996. If delimitation is not held till census is taken after 2026, the reserved seats shall remain reserved for over 40 years nearly half a century. What kind of justice this could be. How delimitation is against Kashmiries. The power hungry and corrupt politicians have been exploiting the innocent Kashmiries against Jammu for no reason.”

He said that the Panthers Party has been pressing for the reorganization of the state so that there shall be a separate Assembly in Kashmir Valley and a separate one in Jammu Pradesh. This is the only solution to save the State from further discrimination, death and destruction from the power hungry, corrupt and authoritarian rulers.