Panthers Party’s tributes to Mahatma Gandhi on his 66th Martyrdom Day

Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and ...NPP paid tributes to Mahatma Gandhi on his 66th Martyrdom Day at Birla House, New Delhi this afternoon. Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration accompanied by Shri Rajiv Jolly Khosla, President, Delhi Pradesh Panthers Party, Shri Romesh Khajuria, Shri B.S. Billowria, Adv

., National General Secretary, Mrs. Nasreen Hamid, Sr. Journalist among others paid floral tributes at the site whe

re Mahatma Gandhi was martyred by an assailant at 11 O’clock in the morning 66 years ago.

Prof. Bhim Singh on this occasion called on the younger generation particularly the youth and the students to learn the art and beauty of living for others from the life and experiments of Mahatma Gandhi. He said that violence is the greatest enemy of man and catastrophic to the human growth and peace. He said the younger people should learn from the life of great man may they be Swami Vivekanand, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and others. He called on the people who hold the rein of power should understand that the lives and teaching of the saints and great men should form the curriculum in the school textbooks. He said that the present curriculum lacks direction and agenda which the younger generation should adopt.