President’s remarks on fractured verdict ‘catastrophic’

National Panthers Party Supremo, Prof. Bhim Singh, a noted jurist & constitutional lawyer of Supreme Court besides being a renowned Parliamentarian has raised a strong objection to the observation made by the Shri Pranab Kumar Mukherjee, the President of Republic of India on the eve of the Republic Day in his speech. He thus spoke that, ‘fractured verdict (in the Lok Sabha election) shall be catastrophic’. This amounts to a proclamation of the President of India, the constitutional head of the Republic, the largest democracy in the world that none should vote for regional or smaller parties in the Lok Sabha polls. Did it mean that the electorates should vote for the Congress or BJP? They are the only parties competing with each other as the leaders of their respective groups. Shall it be interpreted that the President has desired that voters should reject the regional recognized parties.

NPP leader said that the President has crossed the border line that the President was obliged to follow by indulging in a political propaganda beyond the mandate of the Constitution. He thus has challenged the mandate of the Constitution which guaranteed basic rights to form political parties and contest election to the legislature.

“I am sure, Prof. Bhim Singh said that, the President shall act with magnanimity to correct his observation to honour his commitment to uphold the Constitution.”