NPP Chief Patron advices Arvind Kejriwal to act according to protocol with dignity of office

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has advised Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, 23 days old Chief Minister of the National Capital to respect the rule of law and act in accordance with the protocol and the dignity of an office he has been holding for the past 23 days. NPP Supremo had written a letter to Mr. Kejriwal to send his legislators to the legislators’ training school so that newly elected legislators may know the principles of democracy and the rule of law they are supposed to follow.

Arvind Kejriwal and friends

Arvind Kejriwal and friends (Photo credit: vm2827)

Prof. Bhim Singh conveyed to Mr. Kejriwal that his act of staging a dharna on the road has not convinced anybody not even his legislators because he is the Chief Minister of a State and too in the National Capital. People expect him to respect his status and the law of the land which he has shaken unfortunately.

Prof. Bhim Singh, a Constitutional Lawyer said that Mr. Kejriwal may be yearning to invite his arrest and dismissal for the reason that he has failed to understand the new assignment which has been thrust upon him by the Congress for ulterior purpose. He advised Mr. Kejriwal to withdraw his dharna as he has failed to convince anybody about his totally undesirable move as a Chief Minister.

He further counselled Delhi’s short-term Chief Minister to not to fall on the line of anarchy which would fail the Ultimate Revolution and entire country shall suffer for ages as it happened in Egypt or elsewhere. It would be better for Mr. Kejriwal to go back to his office and try to fulfill the aspirations of the wretched of the earth who have voted for him with the hope of getting water, electricity and social security.

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