NPP Chief Patron seeks urgent intervention of J&K Governor to save the lives of Khidmat Centre holders being cheated by J&K Govt.

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has dashed an urgent communication to Shri N.N. Vohra, Governor of J&K seeking his urgent intervention to save the future career of the educated youth who have been deployed by the Govt. of J&K through J&K Bank in the so-called Khidmat Centre.
Prof. Bhim Singh in his letter has said that Khidmat Centre holders numbering about 1000 have not been paid Rs.7500/- per month as per commitment of the bank. He said that these youngsters have been cheated and used as clients instead. The excerpts of the letter as reproduced below:-
“May I take this liberty to forward a representation of the members of the so-called Khidmat Centre in J&K which has been sponsored by the Govt. of J&K in the name of J&K Bank. It appears that the educated youth in J&K who number over 1000 were employed in the so-called Khidmat Centre in almost every district. They were assured a payment of Rs.7500/- per month which has not been honoured. Besides, they were also assured that each youth engaged with Khidmat Centre shall be provided office facilities and infrastructure to enable each one of them to implement the programmes of the Khidmat Centre.
It appears that these young people have been denied of their rights and promises made to them through the J&K Bank. These young people have been forced to take on the roads to express their grievances and criminal treatment they were forced to meet. I am sending a copy of representation to your honour which deserves your kind consideration.”