JKNPP President appeals to Jammuites to decide Lok Sabha support on merit, sacrifices & contributions

Addressing a historic press meet in Jammu this morning, Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia MLA & President-JKNPP made a strong appeal to the Jammuites to support Prof. Bhim Singh’s candidature in forthcoming Lok Sabha election on parallel sacrifices and contributions towards the people of Jammu Pradesh and youth and students in particular. He raised several questions on the merit and achievements of Prof. Bhim Singh during the past 55 years of his fight from the streets to the Supreme Court.

Mr. Mankotia asked the people why they have not supported Prof. Bhim Singh for the Parliament or voted for Panthers since the creation of Panthers Party in 1982 for the suffering people of Jammu Pradesh?

2.           Who lowered state flag to honour Maharaja Hari Singh in 1961 when J&K Govt. refused to honour Maharaja Hari Singh?

3.           Who fought on the streets for the people of Jammu Pradesh for creation Jammu University in 1966 where half a dozen of youth were killed in brutal firing by the Congress Govt.?

4.           Who subscribed anti-national textbooks in the schools in 1967 and who made bonfire of those books and suffered jails and prisons? And now who is fighting for Jammu Migrants from the streets to the Supreme Court?

5.           Who has been fighting against Resettlement Act (Bill No.9) ever since it was enacted by Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah in 1981? Who has got its operation stayed through the Supreme Court?

6.           Who fought against half salaries of employees in 1981 and got restored full salaries to the employees of J&K in 1981/1982?

7.           Who fought for Wazir Commission and got districts status for Samba, Kishtwar, Ramban etc.?

8.           Who opposed National Conference & Congress against their anti-Jammu and anti-Ladakh policies?

9.           Who is the political revolutionary in the whole of the country who got Rs.50,000/- compensation through the orders of the Supreme Court from Govt. of J&K against his illegal detention? It is the only Prof. Bhim Singh whose order of compensation has changed the entire Law of Torts in India helping millions of affected people.

10.        Who defeated anti-Women Bill in Legislative Council in 2004 when all political parties in the legislature including Congress, NC & PDP intended to deny the daughters of J&K of their civil and constitutional rights?

11.        Who resigned as MLA in 1982 in the interest of youth and people of the Jammu and founded a revolutionary political party, ‘J&K National Panthers Party’ (a party of the lions)?

12.        Who fought and saved the interest of Gujjars, Bakerwals and Gaddies to get them ST status during Shri Chander Shekhar the then Prime Minister in 1991? It was Prof. Bhim Singh alone who got ST status for Gujjars, Bakerwals and Gaddies and others in J&K. The Panthers Party was the only movement in J&K which has been fighting for ST status for the Paharies and stands for political reservation for ST fraternity.

13.        Who fought for Dogri language inclusion in the 8th Schedule?

14.        Was it not Prof. Bhim Singh who suffered nearly nine years in prison during the rule of Sheikh, Bakshi, Sadak, Farooq and others? He is the only living legend in J&K who passed out all his examinations, Graduation, Law etc. from behind the bars.

15.        Was it not Prof. Bhim Singh poisoned in Srinagar jail in 1978 while fighting for the people of Jammu? Entire Jammu Pradesh was on fire when the political leadership was sold out to Sheikh Govt.

16.      Is there any person in J&K or even in the whole country who has travelled around the world on motorcycle for five years with the message of peace from India?

17.        It is only Prof. Bhim Singh in J&K who has the highest qualification studies in J&K, Aligarh, Cairo, England (London) with highest merit?

18.        When JKNPP join government, but the contribution of its Education Minister, Shri Harsh Dev Singh in the three years?

19.    Mr. Mankotia respectfully put a question to the people of Jammu Pradesh whether they shall not send him to the Parliament this time for their own benefits, grace, honour?

20.        Mr. Mankotia appealed to all friends, critics and even those from other political parties to this question to yourself if there is any other candidate for Lok Sabha from J&K who is better qualified or more experienced or more acceptable or more humane or more revolutionary or is there any other person who has made more sacrifices for you in the past? He asked if there is any other person who has been fighting for human rights, youth, students at all levels for more than half a century? He has sacrificed everything, whole life for the future of the people of Jammu Pradesh in particular.

21.        Is there any other person in the world having such a huge qualifications, such a great experience, such a great Barrister living in without home/house or shelter of his own?