PDP, NC both advocating secession should be disqualified by CEC

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party today while expressing deep shock on an interview of the PDP (J&K) President published in a national daily, Indian Express for advocating for declaring J&K as ‘free zone’ with ‘independent currency’, ‘elected Governor’ and establish a state on a ‘model of SARC’. This is one step more than the outraged demand for greater autonomy by National Conference in J&K. He said that even Hurriyat Conference demanding referendum in J&K has not gone to that extent.

Prof. Bhim Singh cautioned the people of J&K to beware of both National Conference and PDP which represent the two faces of the same coin preaching secession to break J&K from the rest of the country to please their masters sitting in the White House at Washington. He cautioned the people of J&K particularly the youth that the so-called Hurriyat Conference leaders have been running their tuck-shops for years promoting Dixon Plan to bifurcate Jammu Pradesh on the Dixon Plan which was proposed by Owen Dixon as UN Observer in 1951. This was to dissect the Muslim majority districts of Poonch (plus Rajouri) and Doda (Ramban + Kishtwar) from Jammu Pradesh and tag them with the Kashmir Valley to create a so-called Greater Kashmir to manage a foot-hold as the US military base in the Himalayas. He said that Jawaharlal Nehru had rejected this monstrous Dixon Plan in 1952 and punish Sheikh Abdullah the then J&K premier by his dismissal and trial.

NPP Supremo appealed the people of J&K and particularly the intellectuals and the civil society to understand the motto of the two main parties, National Conference and PDP which have been exposed thoroughly about the real design they stand for. Both the parties are asking for power by misleading the people. One is asking for the so-called ‘self rule’ and another ‘Greater Autonomy’ whereas both stand for seeking power by misleading the people in J&K even at the cost of life and liberty of a common man. He said that National Conference has started a dangerous campaign to create six sub-regions in the state only to facilitate the implementation of Dixon Plan whereas another is trying to sail on another boat of the so-called self rule by advocating a free zone and free currency in J&K. Both have committed a grave violation of the Constitution of J&K which states in its Section 3 that, “J&K is and shall be integral part of India.” It is tragedy that both the Kashmir based parties are preaching secession thus violating the Constitution of J&K as well as the fundamental rights of the people of J&K even though both the parties have sworn an affidavit before the Election Commission of India that they uphold unity, integrity and sovereignty of India.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that the face of the PDP was exposed when the party refused to implement CMP of 2002 signed by its leader in New Delhi along with Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Dr. Manmohan Singh and Prof. Bhim Singh to hold delimitation of the Assembly Constituencies in J&K. Both the parties joined hands in 2005 and the delimitation of Assembly Constituencies could not be held. Both the parties joined hands to ensure that 73rd & 74th Amendment in the Constitution of India vis-à-vis Panchayat Act in J&K were not implemented. Both the parties joined hands to defeat a resolution to provide ST status to the Pahari fraternity in the state. Both the parties joined hands to defeat a legislation on providing political reservation to the Gujjars, Bakerwals and others holding ST status. Prof. Bhim Singh reminded the people of J&K and particularly the youth that it were both National Conference and PDP which joined hands with Congress to facilitate a Bill depriving daughters of J&K of their civil rights in case they married outside the state. It was only Prof. Bhim Singh who by his single vote did not allow the discriminatory of Law to be passed in the Legislative Council.

Prof. Bhim Singh appealed to all the nationalist, secular and democratic political and social organizations and groups in J&K to support the Panthers Party leadership which alone has been working in defense of civil liberties of the suffering people, particularly the youth in J&K. It is only Panthers Party which has been fighting against the authoritarian and discriminatory laws introduced by J&K government against the fresh recruits, contractual employees, daily wagers, farmers and youth in the state. Prof. Bhim Singh said that J&K National Panthers Party is the only alternative in the state of J&K which can save the people of the state from death and destruction and lead the entire state towards progress, peace with justice.