Humiliating arrest and detention of the senior Indian Diplomat in US.

Prof. Bhim Singh, Sr. Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) today boycotted two lectures hosted by the Supreme Court Bar Association in Conference Room-1 and Library No.2 this afternoon recording his boycott on the ground that the US administration had unlawfully arrested and detained an Indian Diplomat in USA which amounted to infringement of Geneva Conference as well.
Prof. Bhim Singh conveyed his displeasure to the visiting US lawyers for having kept silent on the humiliating arrest and detention of the senior Indian Diplomat, Ms. Devyani Khobragade last week. Prof. Bhim Singh said that the US has violated the basic fundamentals of Human Rights enshrined in the 14th Amendment of US Constitution that, “No person can be deprived of life or liberty without the due process of law.” The US administration has demonstrated with ulterior motives to demonstrate its arrogance as they did in Guantanamo Bay or Iraq or in Libya or Belgrade.
Two Chicago based US lawyers to speak on terrorism and civil liberties were named as Mr. Jeffrey D. Colman and Ms. Nancy C. Loeb, Washington based and legal luminaries from the US.
Prof. Bhim Singh expressed disappointment on the criminal silence of the lawyers’ fraternity in the US. He said that an unconditional apology from the US President is the need of the hour if the US would like to undo the wrong.