NPP condemns Israeli aggression on Palestinians on Christmas

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Member of NIC condemned Israeli aggression against the Palestinians in Gaza (Palestine) when the entire world was celebrating Christmas resulting into to killing several innocent Palestinians and destruction of property and houses. He accused Zionist State for carrying sinister campaign to cleanse the Palestinians fraternity from Palestine with the support and abetment of the Anglo-American Bloc ever since State of Israel was planted by the Big powers by dissecting Palestine in 1947 under UN Resolution 181.

NPP Supremo expressed surprise on the silence of the so-called Big powers including Russian Federation for keeping silence over the criminal interference into the internal affairs of Palestine. He urged India to take up the matter with strong mind to ensure that Israel shall vacate entire occupied Arab lands as has been mandated by the Security Council Resolutions 242, 338 among other mandatory directions to Israel. Israel should be condemned and ex-communicated from the Membership of United Nations. This is in the interest of international peace and harmony.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that what has been happening in Syria is the part of the global Zionist plan to control the entire Arabian oils and earth-wealth through Israel.

The Panthers Party in its resolution condemned the Israeli aggression against Gaza last evening and demanded implementation of all UN resolutions vis-a-vis Middle-East.  The resolution also expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine, Syria, Sudan, Egypt, Libya and other Arab countries facing wrath of the Anglo-American Bloc.

The Panthers Party Working Committee also conveyed Christmas Greetings to the Christian fraternity all over the world and particularly to the Palestinian celebrating Christmas in the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, Palestine, the birth place of Christ.

Prof. Bhim Singh’s film ‘Star of Bethlehem’ was telecasted by Doordarshan on several occasions which Prof. Bhim Singh had shot during his visit to the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem.

Weather conditions force JKNPP to postpone ‘wake up’ Jammu tour

‘Wake up’ Jammu tour for ten days was postponed this morning due to worsening weather condition in hilly areas when the JKNPP team led by Prof. Bhim Singh, party candidate from Udhampur Lok Sabha Constituency could not cross over to Mahore and Gool Sector in Ramban District.  The most of the areas in the itinerary remained cut off for the third day due to unprecedented snowfall resulting in road blocks.  Gool, Rajgarh, Marmat, Paddar, Basantgarh and other areas on the tour agenda have been cut off from the road side.

Prof. Bhim Singh accompanied by Shri Harsh Dev Singh MLA, Chairman JKNPP, Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia MLA, President JKNPP, Shri Faqir Nath Ex-MLA, Provincial President (Jammu Province), Ms. Anita Thakur General Secretary, Mrs. Neelam Abrol Secretary Women Power JKNPP & the entire team had to obey the command of nature and returned to the base camp this afternoon.

Prof. Bhim Singh declared that the ‘wake up’ Jammu mission shall continue and the fresh calendar shall be issued for the 2nd week of January, 2014.  He also announced that the mission shall be taken to Kathua District during the next three days.

In the meantime, the Panthers Party Working Committee has extended Christmas greetings to the Christian fraternity all over the glow and to the entire humanity on earth.

NPP leaders’ storm into Katra, Reasi – Promise to cleanse J&K of corruption, communalism

A high profile team of JKNPP led by its Chief Patron, Prof. Bhim Singh and other senior leaders this morning started one-week aggressive campaign in Jammu Pradesh against corruption, communalism, terrorism and authoritarianism. The team included JKNPP Chairman, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, MLA, President Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia, MLA, Provincial President & Ex. MLA Mr. Faqir Nath, Ms. Anita Thakur, General Secretary, Mrs. Neelam Abrol, State Secretary-Women Wing and others.

Addressing a public meeting at Katra presided by Mr. Shyam Singh Sarpanch, District Young Panthers President, Prof. Bhim Singh gave a clarion to the youth, students, farmers, and the civil society to support the Panthers Party in its resolve to eliminate the last seedling of corruption from the society which is a mother of all evils in our society. He accused the ruling clique for discriminating against the people of Jammu & Ladakh and assaulting on the civil liberties of the Kashmiries only to raise their revenues and plunder the State Exchequer. He said that Panthers Party alone shall empower Parliament to make laws on J&K if people send its representatives to Parliament.

He made the same appeal to the people while addressing a Panthers Party rally at District Headquarter, Reasi.

Shri Harsh Dev Singh pleaded with a strong note for the candidature of Prof. Bhim Singh for Parliament and assured that Parliament shall be proactive in support of people of Jammu Pradesh as it has been the State Assembly if Prof. Bhim Singh is sent to the Parliament.

Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia appealed to the youth, students, working class to support the Panthers Party in its fight to secure justice to every person in the state.

Shri Faqir Nath said that the depressed classes particularly the Scheduled Castes and Tribes fraternity has remained neglected in the state only because we did not have a real Dogra leader in the Parliament. He said that this opportunity to send Prof. Brim Singh to Parliament is an historic opportunity for the people of Jammu.

Ms. Anita Thakur said that the daughters of Jammu are getting their right and justice only because of the Panthers Party when Prof. Bhim Singh defeated the Govt. Bill against the women inside Legislative Council just by one vote. She also expressed shock on the assault on the migrant women. She demanded fair trial in such cases.

Other leaders who addressed the rallies at Katra & Reasi included District President Shri Pawan Dev Singh, Advocate, Shri Shyam Singh Sarpanch, Young Panthers District President, Shri Balwan Singh, Provincial Secretary besides the young panthers state coordinator & spokesman, Shri Gagan Pratap Singh.

J&K National Panthers Party

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of NPP today lambasted the Congress-NC alliance for playing hide and seek with the Panchayats and depriving them of their legitimate rights and privileges on one pretext or the other.  Seeking empowerment of Panchayats and incorporation of the provision of 73rd Amendment in the J&K Panchayat Raj Act, he said that NPP would vociferously agitate the issue in Assembly and at other forums.  He was addressing a one-day conference of Panchayat Empowerment Committee held at Jammu today. He assured the Sarpanches and Panches assembled on the occasion to take the matter to Supreme Court in case the State Govt. failed to fulfill its constitutional obligation of empowering the Panchayats.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh MLA & Chairman-NPP called upon the State Govt. to announce early constitution of Block Development Council and District Planning and Development Boards.  He said that election of BDCs should be followed the Elections to DPDBs.  He urged for the reservation to women, SCs and STs in the process of constitution of Block Councils and Planning Boards. He sought payment of adequate remuneration to Sarpanches and Panches and release of all arrears due to them for the last two and a half years.  He called upon the government to make Panchayat Adalats functional at the earliest.  He demanded early release of Rs.10 lacs to each Panchayat as repeatedly assured by the government in pursuance of decisions taken in Assembly.

Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia MLA and State President and Mr. Yashpal Kundal. MLA and General Secretary said that NPP would resort to agitations course and organize hunger strike at and protest demonstration at District Level in case the state government failed to take immediate steps to address the genuine concerns of the Panchayats.  They demanded that the tenure of Panchayats should be co-terminus with Assembly.  They further sought early constitution Finance Commission to cater to financial needs of Panchayats.

Earlier the office bearers of Panchayats Empowerment Committee welcomed the NPP Legislators and Prof. Bhim Singh.  Mr. Khajur Singh Convenor of the Panchayat Empowerment Committee thanked the NPP MLAs for moving Bill made the Assembly seeking Amendments in the Panchayat Raj Act pertaining to incorporation of 73rd Amendment.  He called upon the Sarpanches and Panches to untie to wage a deserve battle for realization of them rights and privileges.  Others who spoke on the occasion included M/s Khajur Singh Sarpanch (Convenor), Sham Singh Sarpanch (Joint Convenor), Prikshit Singh Sarpanch and Ishfaq Rana Sarpanch (General Secretaries), Sarpanch Chandel Singh, Shri Uttam Chand (Ramban), Shri Jagdev Singh Mian (Billawar), Akthar Hussein (Latti), Shanker Das (Amro), Sh. Madan Lal (Larh), Baldev Singh (Chanunta), Subhash Chander (Kambal-Danga), Sukhdev Singh (Ghordi Khas), Rampaul Kashira (Members).  More than 1000 Sarpanches and Panches participated on the occasion.

Anita Thakur, General Secretary JKNPP thanked the participants and also the Panches and Sarpanches along with another colleague Mr. Rafiq Chandel for supporting them in the MLC elections.

NPP Supremo calls arrest of Indian Diplomat in Washington as dire violation of 14th Amendment of US Constitution

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of NPP, Member of National Integration Council & a Senior Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) demanded public apology from US President Barack Hussein Obama for having infringe 14th Amendment to the US Constitution by arresting and misbehaving with Indian Diplomat Mrs. Devyani Khobragade in Washington. He described the arrest, detention, handcuffing and stripping of the Indian Diplomat as highly condemnable which breached the US law besides violating the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution which guarantees freedom to life and liberty of every person residing in the US. This amendment made it obligatory for the stage to not to deprive any person of his/her civil liberties/personal liberty without due process of law. In the present case the US administration/police have assaulted the very essence of due process of law as is provided in the jurisprudence of human rights which has been accepted by US being a signatory to the Charter of Human Rights.
Prof. Bhim Singh reminded US President Obama that the US has been beating loudest trumpets in the world on Human Rights whereas it is the US Govt. which has been violating all the norms on Human Rights. He reminded Mr. Obama the way the US had treated the Cuban prisoners, the way the US Military had treated the Iraqi prisoners, the way the US Army in NATO robes had behaved in Libya and insulted, disgraced and slaughtered Libyan Leader Col. Gaddafi in public. The way the US committed judicial murder by hanging Iraqi President in public. It is the US which has been insulting and acting in barbaric style to destroy the very essence of Human Rights while dealing with the opponents.
Prof. Bhim Singh hailed the decision taken to deal with US barbarism and urged Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh to withdraw India’s Ambassador to the US and freezed the diplomatic relations with US till US President apologise to Mrs. Devyani Khobragade and to the entire Indian nation.