NPP extends New Year Greetings to all particularly to the youth & working class

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of JKNPP and Member of National Integration Council who is also Sr. Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association extended heartiest greetings to all countrymen from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and Dwarka to Imphal particularly to the youth, farmers, working class and the civil society with a hope and trust that 2014 shall bring a change in governance in the country at the Central & State levels so that the corrupt and authoritarian rulers shall be washed away with power of the ballot.

NPP Supremo in his message to the countrymen and the people residing in the State of J&K said that recently held Assembly elections has given a message straight to everyone in the country and even to those who have been talking of change through guns and bullets that, i). The two major national parties namely, Congress and BJP shall no longer rule the country if there is an alternative at regional or national level, ii). Secondly that the Ultimate Revolution (Change) is possible through the power of the ballot (ballot) and an oldest theory of Moutse Tung that power lies at the barrel (barrel) of gun has been ruled out in the Indian democracy (democracy).

Prof. Bhim Singh called on the youth to get ready for the battle of the ballot in 2014 to defeat the corrupt, communal, criminal, outdated and authoritarian individuals and the parties so that the new blood shall lead the State Legislatures and the Parliament.