NPP Supremo challenges interim report of justice Gandhi, calls it invalid

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party while talking to the media this morning called the so-called interim report of justice (retd.) R.C. Gandhi as a mirage which was prompted by the Chief Minister only to accommodate his Minister. He said the Kishtwar riot case is being heard by the Supreme Court on 7th January, 2014 and he will take up the matter.

He said that the interim report was totally invalid as it has neither been properly signed by justice (retd.) R.C. Gandhi nor it was presented before the Cabinet.  Even the Cabinet Ministers had no knowledge of such a report. The NPP Supremo called on the Governor to take appropriate cognizance in the matter and dismiss Omar Abdullah for playing fraud with the rule of law.

Prof. Bhim Singh also accused BJP for playing double standards vis-a-vis Article 370. BJP’s nominated premier called for a debate on the issue clearly indicating that he has no mind on the abrogation of the said Article.  BJP in Jammu has started beating about the bush to demand abrogation just for the damage control process.  The fact is that BJP and NC have been playing hide and seek with the people of J&K on the matter. The BJP did not mention a word on the issue when came to power in the Centre.  BJP has more than 150 MPs today in the Parliament who did not care even to bring a Bill on the fate of Article 370.  BJP is more confused on Article 370 than the Congress.  Both have been exploiting the people of J&K on the issue. Prof. Bhim Singh argued that the Panthers Party shall manage support of 300 MPs for the amendment in Article 370 so at to empower Parliament to legislate on Central issues vis-a-vis J&K even a Panthers Party shall have one member in the Parliament.

Prof. Bhim Singh called on youth and students to join, support Panthers Party which is the only voice of the depressed and suppressed people of J&K