JKNPP condemn OIC resolution on J&K Rejoinder to OIC to settle their own disputes first

Prof. Bhim Singh, Sr. Executive member of Supreme Court Bar Association and founder of National Panthers Party described the judgement of the Supreme Court   a historic event that has demolished a conspiracy to impose western culture on the walls of India. He called the homo sexuality right as cultural invision  of the west against  Indian civilization.
Prof Bhim Singh appealed all the nationalist   and champions of human dignity as well as India’s cultural identity to come on the streets in support of the historic and scientific judgement  of the Supreme Court of India  which defeats cultural aggression from the West against our thousands of years cultural values and social ethos.
Mr. Rajiv Khosla, Mr.R.P. Sharma. Mr.Surjeet Singh, shri Om Krishan, Mr. Ajay Kumar,S. M.M. Bedi, Mr. Dildar Hussain Beg, Sanjay Kumar, Jitesh Kumar, Javed Khan , Smt. Ram Wati, Ajay Mehra Sukhvinder Singh Sidhu, Adv. P. K. Mishra and Anil Kumar Sharma were among others who participated in the protest.

Rajiv Jolly
President Delhi Pradesh NPP.

JKNPP condemn OIC resolution on J&K
Rejoinder to OIC to settle their own disputes first

Prof Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of JKNPP and Member of NIC in a rejoinder to the OIC( Organization of Islamic countries) reminded them Of their  failing role in the Islamic world and their apathy towards the Palestinians great cause which they have been struggling for over half a century. He called on the leadership of OIC to tell the world about the human rights in their own Members’ states like Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to drive even. He accused the Islamic countries for the situation they are in because of their Leaders. What happened in Iraq? Who abetted the Anglo American Block ? Who abetted the NATO forces to destroy Iraq  and Libya ? Who is fueling the USA planes and aircrafts to destroy Arab civilization ? Who has supported the USA to divide Sudan? Who has  destroyed the great land of Egypt ? Where was this OIC and what were the riles of the Islamic Leaders ?

In his reminder , Prof Bhim Singh , a great friend of Yasir Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Col Gadaffi and the supporter of Palestine statehood , said that” We the people of J&K do not need the  support of OIC as we live in democratic and secular systems where we enjoy rights equal to all others. Where the justice is delivered through the Courts of law  and it does not flow from the White House. The OIC should tell their Muslim brothers  what they  doing to support the rights of the Palestinians ? what they are doing to save the great civilizations of  Egypt, Iraq, Syria and others ? Let them  clean their doors first then tell India what to do ?