NPP Supremo welcomes SC Judgment on homosexuality

Western invasion on Indian civilization shall not be allowed

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of NPP and Sr. Executive Member of the Supreme Court of India welcomed the judgment of the Supreme Court holding that homosexuality is an offence and cannot be allowed in the Indian society. He expressed surprise that many so-called leaders and the so-called elite of the civil society have hurled abuses on the sanctity of the judgment which deserves to be viewed by the people of India keeping in mind that the judgment reflected thousands of years old cultural values of this great nation. Unnatural offences cannot be justified.

Prof. Bhim Singh who was one of the petitioners who challenged the High Court judgment before the Supreme Court asked the critics of SC judgment if they would justify father committing unnatural offence with his son or vice-versa. He asked that this kind of personal liberty is not recognized even among the animals and cattle. The western society cannot and shall not be allowed to invade the cultural values of one of the greatest civilizations of world, India.

Prof. Bhim Singh urged the Parliament of India to sack all the Members of the Parliament and those advocating for homosexuality from their respective positions. Would they like to follow western society where a brother shall marry a brother, sister shall marry her daughter and so on. What kind of human society shall be imagined in that chaos if western civilization is allowed to invade the East?