J&K may get relief from authoritarian Govt. after Congress debacle in four states

“Humiliating defeat of the Congress Party in four states in Assembly polls has given the message straight that the electorates, particularly the youth and the intelligentsia need change in the governance and shall support any fresh alternative in place of corrupt and outdated national parties.” This was the reaction sounded by the Panthers Party Supremo, Prof. Bhim Singh who has been fighting from the streets to the Supreme Court for the past over half a century.

He said that the national parties namely, the Congress and BJP started disappearing from their dominant role in respective zones with the emergence of regional political outfits. He said that the Congress faced almost its exit in Tamilnadu where people preferred DMK/AIDMK to the Congress. The Congress was rooted in 1982 by an actor turned politician Shri N.T. Ramrao. Telugu Desam Party governed Andhra till yesterday. The Congress exit is on the face of it if the regional political parties work out a joint strategy against Congress. Karnataka also faces a dark future as the regional political parties including Janata Dal (S) led by former Prime Minister, Shri H.D. Deve Gowda shall have an edge over the national parties in the near future. The day the regional parties in Karnataka join hands together, the Congress government shall collapse. In Maharashtra also Shiv Sena founded by Shri Bal Thackrey put the Congress in a defensive position. The day two Shiv Senas and regional Maratha political outfits work out a joint strategy to confront the Congress, the Congress domination in the Legislative Assembly is likely to fall. In Gujarat, BJP under Shri Narendra Modi is working almost online as an independent wing of the BJP and is involved in the regional affairs in Gujarat. This is one of the reasons that Congress was put on the mat by the regional leadership under the least influence of the national leadership of the BJP. Same is the situation in Rajasthan where Smt. Vasundhra Raje has emerged as a regional leader in Rajasthan demonstrating her capability to provide an alternative in Rajasthan. Uttar Pradesh has witnessed the emergence of regional parties like Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samajwadi Party which have been ruling Uttar Pradesh since 1992, almost alternatively leaving Congress nowhere on the political map of Uttar Pradesh. The Congress has been written off in Uttar Pradesh, as it appears, for indefinite period. The Punjab, Akali Dal which was formed in 1920 against the British Empire got political faded with the rise of Congress leadership after 1947. However, the Congress leadership after Giani Zail Singh started fading away and sinking slowly and slowly. It was the Congress which failed to provide an alternative to the Akalis which played intelligible game by joining hands with Bharatiya Janata Party in Punjab. This outfit has provided an alternative to the Congress leadership in the Punjab leaving no immediate hope for the Congress to return in the near future.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that in the North-East, the Congress has almost faded from the political scene. Asom Gana Parishad, founded by Assam student leaders in 1985 demolished the seedlings of the Congress. The return of the Congress in Assam was due to the failure of the young leaders of Assam to continue together. The Congress has been trapped by some regional outfits indirectly created by the Congress in Assam to weaken the regional aspirations of the Assamese under the leadership of AGP. This is the fact that the Congress in the entire North-East region is surviving temporarily for the reason that the regional leadership in the North-East has not yet been able to choose a common platform. Anyhow, the Congress cannot imagine to continue its lead role in that region for sometime.

In J&K, it was the Congress leadership which has been backing outdated, corrupt, authoritarian and unpopular leadership of the National Conference which was founded by Sheikh Abdullah as a Muslim Conference in 1932 against the Dogra rule. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and the Congress leadership were responsible for the survival and rise of the National Conference. National Conference is as unpopular and authoritarian as the leadership of the Indian National Congress. The people in J&K have been excited to celebrate the defeat of the Congress Party in the four states where results were declared yesterday. The message has gone straight to the people of J&K that they shall be freed from the clutches of the authoritarian coalition government led by the National Conference. The people of J&K are likely to see a day of freedom and liberation from the corrupt and authoritarian rule of the National Conference. The Congress has to shut its windows for a decade also that shall help the people of the state and also help promote national integration which stood threatened because of the National Conference rule in the state. The people of J&K are looking for a vikalp, an alternative to the NC-Congress alliance. In Kashmir Valley there are some regional Kashmiri outfits to work out an alternative in the Valley to the National Conference. In Jammu Pradesh there is only one political movement, the J&K National Panthers Party which was founded by Prof. Bhim Singh in 1982 to save J&K from the anti-national rule of National Conference. The Panthers Party is the only vikalp/alternative which shall open the windows of democracy and freedom from across the borders of the Punjab so that the cool breeze from all over the country shall blow unto every corner of the State of J&K. The Panthers Party is only hope. There is an opportunity for the regional political parties all over the country to go for a national alternative to provide an effective, corruption free and honest governance. The people of this country have decided to give rest to the major political parties for at least 15 years.