Section of media misleading nation on Congress role on Women Bill in J&K Assembly

Ms Anita Thakur, General Secretary JKNPP and chairperson of Women Power reminded the people of Jammu and Kashmir and media persons that it was the Congress in league with a PDP and National Conference which got a Bill passed through in the Legislative Assembly in March 2004 debarring State females from their right to holding Permanent Residence Status in case she married a non Permanent Resident.  This Bill was passed though proxy without informing the MLAs in the Assembly about the nature of the Bill.  It was horridly rust to the Legislative Council in the evening to be passed.

Ms Anita thakur said that everybody in J&K, particularly the daughters in the state were watching eagerly on the development inside the Council.  It was only Prof. Bhim Singh, MLC of the Panthers Party who opposed the Bill being taken without advance noticed in the evening.  The Chairman of the council, Shri Abdul Rashid Dar accepted Prof. Bhim Singh and posted the matter for the next day.  The next day Prof. Bhim Singh brought amendment to oppose the Bill.  There was only one panthers party MLC, Prof. Bhim Singh, he needed somebody to second it.  Shri Amrit Malhotra MLC and Shri Parduman Singh MLC both of the Congress accepted Bhim Singh request and seconded the Bill.  Mr. Mangat Ram Sharma, Dy. Chief Minister rushed from a seat and started rebuking and abusing both Congress MLCs who had seconded Bhim Singh’s Bill.  Mr. Mangat Ram threatened them with dire consequence the even.  Both of them were taken out of the Council Hall by Mr. Mangat Ram.

The NPP leaders said that the Congress needed one vote to pass the Bill forwarded by the Legislative Assembly.  Prof. Bhim Singh, though his party was in coalition with the Congress and PDP refused to compromise on the fundamental rights of the females of the state.  The Panthers Party  leaders said that Prof. Bhim Singh argued in the Council for nearly six hours and the Chairman rejected Congress, NC and PDP resolution to declare the Bill passed.  The PDP had declare that it shall resign from the government if the Bill was not passed into the Council.

Ms Anita thakur said it was a matter of pride for the females of Jammu and Kashmir in particular and the people of Jammu and Kashmir in general that Prof. Bhim Singh defied all offers, temptation and threats to his life from the Congress and NC  and PDP.  The Congress role, She said, was the most condemnable because it was a national party claimed to be secular party also who was backing both NC and PDP in supporting anti-women Bill .  Ms Anita Thakur said that a section of media persons are trying to mislead the people by projecting the Congress role in this regard in quite a different way.

The NPP leaders said that Mr. Modi did not know the subject matter he was more interested to project the name of Omar Abdullah and his family in the Jammu rally than projecting the BJP past Agenda.

She also felt surprised on the imaginary story floated by Mrs. Sunanda Pushkar, wife of a sitting Congress Minister in the Union, about women bill and its after-effects

The JKNPP leaders appeal to the daughters of Jammu and Kashmir to support the Panthers Party Supremo, Prof. Bhim Singh, in Udhampur Lok Sabha polls so that he shall be in a position to ensure that the next parliament shall amend Article 370 to empower the parliament to makes laws on Jammu and Kashmir.  The reorganization of J&K is the only solution to protect the fundamental and birth rights of every resident of the Jammu and Kashmir a Ladakh, a Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh.