Where does BJP stand in J&K On reorganization of J&K

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council has challenged the BJP leadership in the state on their political agenda in J&K as they had been advocating for bifurcation of the state once and then followed the NPP agenda for reorganization of the state sometime while taking a cue from the blunders and the surrenders of State BJP leadership tried to exploit the emotions of the innocent Dogras and Jammuites under one pretext or the other. The BJP has been exploiting the people in the name of 370 for several decades. They have been exposed thoroughly when their prime ministerial candidate vomited the whole truth about the BJP’s hidden agenda on Article 370.

The Panthers Party Supremo asked BJP to spell out do they want abrogation of Article 370? If so what is their agenda to go for a debate on the subject?

Do the BJP in J&K stand for the reorganization of the state or for the political and dignified existence in Jammu Pradesh? If so what is the new agenda to establish a super Kashmiri state? BJP has been exposed that they are not only trading in the dignity and freedom of the people of Jammu Pradesh by selling the people’s mandate but they have a commitment with National Conference leaders to establish a super Kashmiri ruled state where Jammu Pradesh shall be legalized as a Kashmiri colony which has been sulking under Kashmiri leaders domination and suffering from discrimination in every field.

NPP Supremo questioned the BJP to let the people know that ‘Kashmiriyat’ is the neo jurisprudence of BJP’s leadership. What happened to the Dogriyat and the Ladkhiyat which BJP has been exploiting for six decades? What about the discrimination against Jammu Pradesh? What happened to delimitation of the Assembly and the Parliament vis-à-vis J&K? BJP has been exploiting the people to invoke their sentiments regarding the sufferings and agonies of refugees of 1947 from Pakistan, refugees from Chhamb, Deva Batala, Mirpur, Kotli, Poonch, Muzaffrabad and entire POK who have not been settled till date. The BJP’s betrayal came to the surface when BJP led government in the centre deleted the agenda in Jammu Pradesh and Ladakh. They did not care to mention Article 370 at all when Article 370 has become infructuous and non-legal entity following the termination of Monarchy by National Conference Constituent Assembly in 1952. Can BJP justify existence of Article 370? Why BJP is asking for a debate when it has become a deadwood. Does BJP intend to deprive Parliament to legislate in respect of Central Subjects in J&K? Is this a subject for debate whether Parliament should have power of legislation vis-à-vis J&K?

BJP has to justify also their stand vis-à-vis Jammu migrants from the far of places of Jammu Pradesh namely, Doda, Udhampur, Reasi, Poonch etc. who have not been given relief by the State and the Central governments in spite of the directions and orders of the Supreme Court of India. Can BJP justify their ignorance on the subject?

Prof. Bhim Singh expressed shock on the neo jurisprudence that BJP has evolved in connivance with Omar Abdullah for ulterior reasons. Prof. Bhim Singh appealed the people of Jammu Pradesh to study in depth the neo agenda of the BJP which hitherto had remained under the BJP basket. He said reorganization is the only way out to find lasting solution of the political conflict within the three regions of the state. This can be achieved by an amendment in Article 370 alone.

SC directs J&K Govt. to allot industrial plots to Hiranagar wood-based industry owners

A Division Bench of the Supreme Court of India comprising JJ Mr. A.K. Patnaik, Mr. S.S. Nijjar & Mr. F.I. Kalifulla directed the Govt. of J&K to consider and pass appropriate orders in accordance with the directions of the Supreme Court in municipal area/industrial estate for relocation of their wood-based industry.

14 owners of wood-based industries in Hiranagar namely M/s. Sharma Saw Mills, Dharam Paul & Surinder Kumar, Ganesh Dass, Salaria Saw Mill, Tara Chand Saw Mill, Raghwinder Sharma, Salgotra Body Builders, Des Raj Salgotra, N.S. Saw Mills, Ganesh Dass, Parshottam Lal, Bishan Das Saw Mill, Jai Baba Sidh Goria Saw Mill, Bodh Raj Saw Mill & Patyar Saw Mill filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court challenging the vires of SRO-103/212 in which the wood-based industry within the premises of municipal area or in the state run industrial estate shall not be subjected to the restriction imposed by the Supreme Court that wood-based industry shall not be established within the range of eight kms. from the forest demarcation.

Prof. Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate arguing for the petitioners submitted that the Govt. of J&K has made the poor industry owners as scapegoat though they are running the industry in their own land whereas others who are running the industry within the municipal limits or in the industrial estate run by the government are not subject to the restriction of 8 kms. distance from the demarcation of forest land. The Supreme Court after hearing Prof. Bhim Singh urged the court to allot the petitioners industrial plots within the limits of town area or in the industrial estate so that their industries may be relocated in accordance with the judgment of the Supreme Court in this regard.

The Supreme Court while accepting the plea of Prof. Bhim Singh ordered the State Govt. to allot land/plot to each petitioner in case they would make a representation/apply to the authorities in this regard.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that this would give relief to the 14 petty wood-based owners so that they are not completely routed from their business and earning.