Panthers Party debarred from campaigning in Delhi.

The Chief Election Commission of India
Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road,
New Delhi

Sub:- Panthers Party debarred from campaigning in Delhi.

In spite of clear guidelines to the local administration and the police that every candidate irrespective of his political affiliation should be allowed to campaign during the election period. The Election Commission of India has appointed Chief Electoral Officer in Delhi also who has been supervising the conduct of electoral campaign in the capital State, NCT of Delhi.
It was last evening, on 1st December, 2013 that ‘Bhim Rath’ (vehicle moving with me and other party leaders moved to attend an election rally in Ambedkar Nagar which was fixed at 4.30 p.m.). When I with my colleagues reached the main road, BRT Corridor, Pushpa Bhawan to enter into Ambedkar Nagar, we were stopped by the police as the entrance was heavily barricaded. We had to drive about couple of kms. ahead and when we tried to enter the constituency, we were again stopped at Dakshinpuri, Corner Mahila Mangal. The police administration acted beyond the legal limits and pushed away Panthers Party activists. The Panthers Party activists were not allowed to walk into two adjoining constituencies, Ambedkar Nagar and Deoli where Panthers Party has fielded its candidates with ‘Bicycle’ as their election symbol. For one hour we had to remain on the road as a heavy police contingent had banned all political activists except BJP to enter the area.
After about one hour, we managed to go around the area and found that the local residents were forced out from the vehicles and compelled to walk to reach their respective residence. It was all anarchy from 4.00 p.m. to nearly 6.30 p.m.
I tried to drive out of the area to attend my urgent meeting at JKNPP Headquarters but my vehicle was stopped at the main road, Pushpa Bhawan by the police even when there was no traffic. This time I had chosen to take a lift in a private car of Panthers Party’s Vice President, Mr. Romesh Khajuria. I had to abandon ‘Bhim Rath’ with its driver somewhere in the area because the rath was not allowed by the police even to go back at about 5.30 p.m. also. I could not reach the venue of the meeting of the Panthers Party. The police was responsible.
We were stopped on the main road as I submitted above, taken out of the vehicle and pushed to a corner. There was no vehicle on the road. It was after about 30 minutes that Mr. Narendra Modi’s car rally was seen on the road. The police literally detained us for no reason and no purpose except demonstrating its terror and loyalty to the Gujarat’s Chief Minister.
The Election Commission of India should also bear in mind that India is the largest democracy in the world and if this kind of anarchy is created by the echelons of power/police to terrorize the political activists of a party other than one particular privileged person who has been named by a group of person of his political party to be Prime Minister of the country. It is submitted that Delhi election campaign has been marred by the police terror as the police/ administration has literally prohibited other parties to campaign.
I hope and trust that the Hon’ble Chief Election Commission of India make it sure that every citizen of India would get equal opportunity to campaign in election may it be real Prime Minister of India or a Prime Minister in the making.
Thanking you,

NPP candidates splash Panthers Party’s Ultimate Revolution in Delhi election campaign

Addressing several election rallies in different constituencies today NPP Supremo, Prof. Bhim Singh stormed into dens of BJP and Congress in his ‘Bhim Rath’ appealing Delhi voters to oppose and defeat the communal, criminal, corrupt and opportunist parties which have been exposed in public on their hidden mission. Prof. Bhim Singh called on the voters during election rallies in Ghonda, where Mohd. Nazir with Bicycle is contesting Assembly poll that composite culture and secularism is the soul of democracy in India and all those who have been trying to hijack soul of democracy must be opposed, exposed and finally deposed. Prof. Bhim Singh said that he has made strong protest with Chief Election Commission on how it favoured a particular political outfit by allotting them a particular symbol even when that group had not contested a single election.
Prof. Bhim Singh said the Panthers Party is a only political movement in the country which has been agitating for justice and equity for every citizen and the system should be free from corruption and nepotism. He said that Panthers Party MLAs in Assembly shall be ardent advocates of National Integration, for justice to everybody and for immediate changes in Article 370 so that the Parliament shall have power to make laws on J&K.
Prof. Bhim Singh called on the youth to join the Ultimate Revolution which is only way out to strengthen India and restore peace in the world. Other who addressed the meeting Delhi Pradesh President, Mr. Rajiv Jolly Khosla, General Secretary, Ms. Sunita Chaudhary, D. Vidynandam, Advocate and State Secretary Shri R.P. Sharma, Political Secretary, NPP candidate Mohd. Nazir (Ghonda Assembly), Shri Prem Singh, candidate from Malviya Nagar and Mohd. Anas is contesting from Ballimaran.