JKNPP reconstitutes Distt. Ramban Committee

Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia, MLA, President-JKNPP has reconstituted District Ramban Committee in consultation with District Presidents with an immediate effect. Shri Suraj Singh Parihar, Advocate shall head the District Committee with Shri M. Rauniyal, Capt. Diwan Chand Bhagat as District Vice Presidents whereas Shri Seva Singh Bali and Shri Mangal Singh Parihar shall be the District General Secretaries. Shri Shakeel Ahmed Wani and Shri Amarjit Singh Bali, Advocate have been appointed as District Secretaries. The District President in consultation with District Committee shall set up a 21-member District Council of the Panthers Party within 10 days.

NC-BJP nexus exposed as Omar spells out Modi agenda for BJP’s Jammu rally

J&K’s forced Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah, got completely exposed when he organized a public rally in support of Modi’s maiden Jammu visit on the skirts of Jammu City spelling out hidden agenda for Mr. Narendra Modi which Mr. Modi should raise, particularly, Article 370, in Jammu so that NC can seek direct benefit in the Valley where it has almost lost its political existence.” This was the rejoinder that Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party gave this morning.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that BJP got exposed when 7 out of its 11 MLAs voted for National Conference candidates in the election to the Legislative Council against their own candidate. This was an open sale of the trust of the people of Jammu and betrayal of the cause of Jammuites. He said that both National Conference and Congress have been using the BJP and bargaining with them at the cost of the people of Jammu Pradesh.

Omar Abdullah has chosen skirts of Jammu to organize his National Conference rally with a purpose to add oxygen to the sinking BJP in Jammu. Omar Abdullah had no business to tell Mr. Modi what to speak and what not to speak. Omar Abdullah has invoked Article 370 giving an incentive to the BJP by advising them the agenda in advance.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that Article 370 needs urgent amendment so as to empower Parliament to legislate in respect of J&K to strengthen the integration one for all. The issues relating to the refugees of 1947 from Pakistan, as well as others who were forced to run for their lives from POK deserved to be taken on board by the Congress as well as by the BJP during their rule in Delhi. Both have betrayed these refugees to keep Kashmiri leaders in humour.

“Panthers Party is the only political movement in J&K which stands for justice, equity and equality for the people of all the three regions namely, Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh. People of Jammu Pradesh are intelligent enough not to be trapped by the expoitators, may it be BJP, Congress, NC or PDP. Anyhow, NC’s hidden agenda and its latent understanding with BJP has been exposed.”

JKNPP constitutes Parliamentary Board, nominates LS candidate for Baramulla

“The JKNPP constituted Parliamentary Board for the selection of Lok Sabha and Assembly candidates for the 2014 elections. Shri Harsh Dev Singh, Leader of the Legislature Party shall be the Chairman with Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia, Assistant Chairman and M/s. Yashpaul Kundal, MLA, Syed Mohd. Rafiq Shah, MLC, B.B. Kotwal Advocate (Vice-Chairman), Naveen Bakshi, Mohd. Iqbal Choudhary, S. Daljit Singh, P.K. Ganju, Sudershan Singh Jamwal, Masood Andrabi (Vice-Presidents), Ms. Anita thakur, H.C. Jalmeria Adv., Shanti Swaroop Basotra, Gh. Mohd. Shan, Advocate, Manzoor Naik (General Secretaries), Faqir Nath Ex-MLA and Shri Bansi Lal Sharma, Advocate shall be members.
Prof. Bhim Singh, Supremo of the party shall be the special invitee on the occasion.
An emergency meeting held today endorsed the name of Syed Rafiq Shah, MLC as candidate for the Lok Sabha from the Baramulla (Kashmir) Constituency. Prof. Bhim Singh has already been nominated by the party as the Lok Sabha candidate from Udhampur Parliamentary Constituency. The Parliamentary Board declared that it shall take the decision about other Parliamentary constituencies next month.
The Secretariat of JKNPP also extended solidarity with the Panchayat empowerment Committee for empowering the Panchayats without delay. The JKNPP has expressed its support to The Panchayat Empowerment Committee in holding a special meeting on 21st December 2013.
The JKNPP shall also sponsor the conclave of the Border Defence Committee on 22nd of December 2013.
Prof. Bhim Singh has given a call to all the old associates and friends as well as the youth and the students to join the Panthers Party to ensure liberation of the oppressed and suppressed people of the state from the ruthless and corrupt authoritarian rulers.

NPP shall announce action plan to oppose, expose & depose corrupt & authoritarian govt.

JKNPP Secretariat shall be holding an emergency meeting in Jammu to decide the Line of Action to expose and depose the authoritarian government in Jammu and Kashmir which has been playing with the sentiments of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and arousing the sentiments of the innocent people against the union and national integrity.

1. Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of NPP shall also be attending the meeting which shall be chaired by its Chairman Shri Harsh Dev Singh.

2. The meeting shall decide the next Line of Action on the parliamentary election of Jammu and Kashmir.

3. The meeting shall also take stock of the unconstitutional stand of J&K government to reduce the salaries of the fresh employees (NGOs) restricted to Rs. 3500/- only.

4. The meeting shall also work out modalities to hold Panchayat Empowerment Conclave in December 2013 at Jammu.

5. The meeting shall also work out a plan to hold meeting of Border Defence Committee to organize a state level meeting of the residents along International Border.

6. Prof. Bhim Singh who arrived in Jammu this afternoon met several delegations of the farmers, Panthers Trade Union, Young Panthers, NPSU and assured that maximum representation in the forthcoming Assembly elections shall be given to the youth and students.

Eight Panthers Party candidates survive in NCT Delhi Assembly polls Eight Panthers Party candidates survive in NCT Delhi Assembly polls

National Panthers Party has announced that its eight active members have survived as candidates for the election to the NCT of Delhi. The Panthers Party said that nearly half a dozen candidates were forced to withdraw as they were under serious threat from some political vested interests.
Those contesting are; 1. Shri Swaran Singh Yadav (9-Kirari), 2. Shri Avtar Singh (11-Nangloi Jat), 3. Shri Sher Singh (47-Deoli-SC), 4. Shri Gopal Krishan (48-Ambedkar Nagar-SC), 5. Mohd. Nazir (66-Gonda), 6. Mohd. Anas Qureshi (22-Bali Maran), 7. Shri Prem Singh (43-Malviya Nagar), 8. Shri Ramesh Chand Yadav (51-Kalkaji).  The Panthers Party is the only party which has given the mandate to the clean, youthful, revolutionary, honest and dedicated candidates who stand for one Constitution, one Flag and oneness of the entire country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Kohima to Dwarka.
Candidates from 1 to 5 shall be contesting with JKNPP’s reserved symbol, ‘bicycle’ whereas the last three 6 to 8 are contesting on free symbols as bicycle was frozen due to their contest with Samajwadi Party having bicycle as their symbol also.
Prof. Bhim Singh, Supremo of the Panthers Party said that Panthers Party shall deliver the message of composite culture, love, equity and development of all the sections of the people. He said that Panthers Party shall be mobilizing Delhites for strengthening National Integration of J&K with the rest of the country. He said that the major parties in the country are responsible for Kashmir mess and utter failure to evolve emotional cords to integrate J&K as has been done in case of all other states which merged into the Union in 1947.
Mr. Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Working President, Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party announced that the party shall release its revolutionary manifesto for the implementation of Ultimate Revolution on 26th November, 2013.