Tributes to Mrs. Indira Gandhi on her 96th Birth Anniversary

Prof. Bhim Singh, the Chief Patron of NPP & Member of NIC in his memorial lecture on Mrs. Gandhi’s birthday described Indira Gandhi as a highly visionary leader in the Asian continent who had demonstrated courage and wisdom in her victory as well as in her defeat. He recollected his meetings, interactions, confrontations and political participation with Mrs. Indira Gandhi before emergency, during emergency and after her defeat in 1977. He said that his first meeting with Mrs. Gandhi took place in 1963 at Talkotra Garden, New Delhi during the Xth Youth Festival of India when Nehru ji introduced Bhim Singh to Indira ji. It was Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1966 who protected him and his colleagues/student leaders when they reached Delhi to seek her intervention in connection with killing of four student leaders in Jammu by the Congress government. It was Mrs. Gandhi who got Mukherjee Commission constituted to spot the killers of four students in Jammu in 1966. This movement was led by Bhim Singh in support of the demands of the Jammu students.
Prof. Bhim Singh said that it was Mrs. Indira Gandhi who got him appointed as Youth Congress President for J&K State in 1973 with clear instructions that he should mobilize youth against corruption. He reminded that it was Mrs. Indira Gandhi who got him work in Indian Youth Congress when expelled by Pradesh Congress. He said it was she who got him work as a Secretary of National Legal Aid Committee when he resigned from the Youth Congress following a direct confrontation with Mr. Sanjay Gandhi in 1975. He said it was she who stood by his 20-point programme for the youth of the country. The programme has been adopted by several political organizations since then. It was Mrs. Indira Gandhi who assured him Congress mandate from Chenani Assembly Constituency in J&K in spite of the total opposition by State Congress leaders. He said that Mrs. Indira Gandhi in spite of his political confrontation with Congress offered him number two position in the government in 1984 with G.M. Shah which he refused. Bhim Singh was the only non-Congress (Panthers Party) MLA from Jammu Pradesh in 1983 Assembly polls.
The Panthers Party Chief said that had Mrs. Indira Gandhi survived. The J&K so-called problems would have been settled long time back. He said that she braved CIA attacks against her and did not budge an inch even when Foreign Minister of USA, Henry Kissinger abused her in person. He expressed a greatest tragedy in the history of India that a person like Mrs. Indira Gandhi was martyred in her own house and the successive governments have not been able to hold adequate inquiry to identify her murderers. He said that Rajiv Gandhi was also assassinated by the same conspirators.
Prof. Bhim Singh called on the youth and students of the country to take inspiration from Mrs. Gandhi’s life and join Ultimate Revolution to save this country from a disaster, communalism, corruption and divisive forces.