NPP Supremo calls on Union Home Minister demands intensive probe into Hiranagar & Samba attacks

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Member of National Integration Council met Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Union Minister for Home Affairs this morning and explained to him the circumstances and the situation under which Pak military commandoes infiltrated from International Border (Kathua District) and succeeded to attack police station killing five policemen at 7 O’clock in the morning without facing any resistance from the security forces or from the public. He also explained to the Home Minister how the Pak-military commandoes managed to trespass into Army camp the same day (26th September, 2013) at Samba roughly 40 minutes drive from Hiranagar Police Station. He said that the same tactics are being used by Pak military commandoes in Kupwara District which is evident from Keran incident.
Prof. Bhim Singh has impressed upon Mr. Shinde to conduct a secret investigation by the highest agency dealing with Intelligence Network. He said that such attacks shall be organized by Pakistan in different sectors of J&K to create scare among the public and divide among the communities. The NPP Supremo tried to convey to the Union Home Minister that whatever has been happening in J&K it is a part of the conspiracy on the part of ruling National Conference to promote Dixon Plan in order to create fraction and friction in the community having 30% population an attempt to consolidate a population having 70% majority in the state. He said that National Conference with the full support and backing of the ISI is hell bent to create a communal divide in the State. Unfortunately for the state and for the country all the parties in the state in the legislature except the Panthers Party and the State Morcha have been tamed by the National Conference in one way or the other. Both the Congress and the BJP are acting as faithful team ‘A’ & ‘B’ of the National Conference.
Prof. Bhim Singh also conveyed to the Union Home Minister that the Central Govt. should not fall prey to the mischiefs and conspiracies of the ruling National Conference which has its commitment somewhere else. He pleaded strongly that J&K should be brought under a brief spell of Governor Rule which shall be in the interest of people of J&K and the rest of the country. He said that the security of state is under threat because of the National Conference Govt. and it is in the interest of the security of the entire country that the present Govt. be dismissed without any delay.