Delimitation of Assembly Constituencies is fundamental right of people of J&K


“J&K is the only state in India where Delimitation was denied by the coalition government thus shutting the doors of democracy for every person. Delimitation was denied because no Kashmiri party, may it be, Congress, NC or PDP would like to ensure equitable share of membership in the Legislative Assembly nor the Kashmiri leadership would digest political reservations in the legislature for the Scheduled Tribes namely, Gujjars, Bakerwals and Gaddies. The Kashmiri leadership has all along been exploiting the innocent Dalits as there are seven reserved seats of the Assembly for the SC only in Jammu Pradesh. When it one State, why the SC seats should not reserved in the Kashmir Valley also? Besides, the Kashmiri rulers would not like that this opportunity among the SC community gets extended to them in other areas as well. Seven seats were reserved for the SC in 1996. 17 years are over and there is no hope that these seven constituencies shall go open for general category because there is no delimitation according to the rule the Kashmiri leaders have framed for J&K till 2031. Even that could not be the last date of reservation of these constituencies.” This was the statement issued by Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party from Delhi, Jammu and Srinagar for the media to understand the real situation existing in the State of J&K under the authoritarian rule of NC and Congress.

He said that delimitation was conducted by Justice Kuldip Singh Commission and completed by 2011. There was no delimitation in J&K, although J&K is integral part of the Indian Union. He said that State of J&K merged with the Union of India absolutely on 20th August, 1952, the day the Constituent Assembly of J&K under the leadership of Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah terminated the Monarchy thus removing Maharaja Hari Singh as a Monarch of the State. The conditions where were included by the Maharaja with the Instrument of Accession which he signed on 26th October, 1947 lapsed/terminated the day his authority was terminated. The temporary provisions in Article 370 turned infructuous from that day. There was no more Maharaja as was mentioned in the temporary provisions in Article 370 and therefore no condition whatsoever. With the termination of Monarchy the Accession became absolute and the State got completely merged with the Indian Union like other 556 States. The enactment of the Constitution of J&K was a special concession given to J&K as a dole by the Constitution of India.

Prof. Bhim Singh has urged Prime Minister of India to convene a meeting of the National Integration Council on the situation in J&K to settle confusion created by the irresponsible utterances of the Chief Minister of J&K without any delay. That is in the interest of security and integrity of India.