Call to Panthers activists to stage protest in all Districts to run Civil Secretariat both in Srinagar & Jammu

The Panthers Party has given a call to the Panthers activists to stage strong protests in every corner of the State asking the limping government to not to shift Kashmir province related files from the Civil Secretariat, Srinagar to Jammu on 25th of October, 2013. The Govt. decision to shift so-called Darbar from Srinagar to Jammu has been condemned by the Panthers Party as a continuing treachery with the people of both provinces. Nearly two centuries’ old Darbar move should be abandoned as there is a Govt. comprising of representatives from both the provinces and the Civil Secretariat can very well function both in Srinagar as well as in Jammu. The Panthers Party has been fighting this civil war for the past 30 years as the people of Kashmir Valley and Ladakh shall be deprived of their fundamental right to seek relief for their appropriate requirements and entitlements during the winter season. Shifting files from Kashmir to Jammu is not only a great burden on the State Exchequer, a nuisance and meaningless exercise. The Panthers Party feels that during Maharaja’s time the Maharaja was from Jammu and he had couple of ministers and only dozen of files which could be carried from Jammu to Srinagar during summer in the interest of the people of the Valley. Since 1947 the democratic process changed, the State has Kashmir based government run in Kashmir having dozen of ministers from all over the State. It has tones & tones of files but there is sufficient space and place in both places in Srinagar as well as in Jammu for functioning Civil Secretariat. The Panthers Party strongly feels that this amounts to a robbery on the State Exchequer spending nearly Rs.600 cores from the State Exchequer for the Darbar shift luxury causing agony to the Kashmiri employees as well as to the Jammu employees when the Darbar is shifted from Srinagar to Jammu and again from Jammu to Srinagar.
This amount wasted on the Darbar move could be spent by the Govt. for the payment of full salaries to the new recruitments who are being denied their salaries even. That the Govt. should be stopped from this exercise.
The senior party leaders including Prof. Bhim Singh, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia, Mr. Yashpaul Kundal, Mr. Faqir Nath, Syed Mohd. Rafiq Shah, Ms. Anita Thakur, B.B. Kotwal, Adv., H.C. Jalmeria, Bansi Lal Sharma and others have appealed to the Panthers Party workers particularly the Young Panthers and the NPSU to take this task to the streets to create public awareness.