7-day Assembly Session, a fraud on the electorates

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council has questioned the validity of the so-called 7-day session of the J&K legislature in Srinagar only just to complete the formalities holding the session within a period of six months from the concluding day of the previous session. The J&K legislature session convened in Srinagar has lest not even an iota of doubt that Congress-NC Govt. has been playing hoax with the people and fraud with the Constitution.

1.                 “The NC-Congress Govt. used the Legislative Assembly to divert attention of the people of J&K from the real and the difficult situation they have been facing because of the non-governance, corruption and authoritarianism in the state. There was no reply by the Govt. on the custodial murder of Haji Yousuf. Not even an FIR has been filed on his custodial death. The case is pending before the Supreme Court for CBI probe.

2.                 The Govt. failed to answer the bullet shower, killings and jail tortures of the minor children this year.

3.                 There was no answer to the Shopian killings and the NC-Congress Govt. deliberately omitted to mention Keran terrorists’ attack which continued for two weeks.

4.                 There was no condemnation of Pakistani commandoes on Hiranagar Police Station in the broad day light, on Army camp in Samba killing senior Army Officer and soldiers. There was no condemnation of the terrorists’ attack in Keran and elsewhere. Attack on the Army two months’ back on the outskirts of Srinagar City where eight Army jawans were killed, there was no mentioning even by the Chief Minister or his colleagues.

5.                 The tragedy is Congress leadership does not want to disturb Sheikh Abdullah’s grandson for reasons best known to the Congress leadership.

6.                 This is a tragedy that Hiranagar, Samba, Ramban or Kishtwar massacres were not even mentioned by the ruling parties whereas opposition had no time or occasion to take up such most important items on the agenda of their resolutions or attention motion in the legislature.

7.                 The youth of the state and the panchayats were the foremost causalities as there was no commotions or pressure on the Govt. to scrap salary rule which has fixed the 100 rupees a day salary for the fresh recruits in all the non-gazetted posts in J&K. This is a grave discrimination with the youth and fresh employees because they shall be getting less salary than a daily wager. The opposition also failed to play its role, may be, because the opposition do not have a common agenda. Major opposition party from Jammu Pradesh having already been divided has been following agenda of the ruling parties.

8.                 The most important point is the move of the government for shifting the so-called ‘Kashmiri Darbar’ to Jammu in the last week of this month. The Panthers Party has taken the stand that the Kashmir province related files should remain in Srinagar Civil Secretariat. The Jammu related files should be brought back to Jammu. The Civil Secretariats should function in both the places around the year in the interest of the common people in both the provinces; Kashmir & Jammu Pradesh. This is sad that Assembly had two days out of six days only for former Army General V.K. Singh because the Chief Minister found a safe platform to condemn the Indian Army and exposed the secret working the Army which has been working for the security and upliftment of the Kashmiries since 1947. Resolution passed by the Assembly demanding inquiry into the so-called statement (General V.K. Singh has already dissociated from that statement) which he had made.  Another tragedy is that no legislator except the Panthers Party legislators reminded the people on the floors of the two Houses about the great sacrifices Indian Army had made for the welfare of the people. Nobody could raise a point of order that the subject concerning Defence, Foreign Affairs etc. cannot be discussed in the Assembly. The Assembly Session has ended with a question mark how long the people of J&K will tolerate such an inefficient, corrupt, non-functional and authoritarian government? How long the Governor of J&K shall wait for the message from Delhi to tell Omar Abdullah to pack up his luggage? The Assembly has lost its credibility and the Govt. of J&K is functioning in violation of the Constitution.” This was a brief statement by Prof. Bhim Singh when the Assembly was shut sine die.