Four generation of ‘Chanotra Parivar’ meet as the family observes 50th death anniversary of Thakur Birbal

A family get-together was organized at Udhampur on the 50th death anniversary of Thakur Birbal, father of Prof. Bhim Singh with several hundred members from the four generation of Thakur Birbal gathered at D.N. Palace, Udhampur. Thakur Birbal, an ex-serviceman and highly respected sarpanch in Udhampur District died on 18th September, 1963 while Bhim Singh was studying in Aligarh Muslim University. He left six sons and five daughters namely, Shri Kesri Singh, Shri Thakara Singh, Shri Jagan Singh, Shri Bhim Singh, Shri Jagdish Singh and Shri Jagdev Singh. Presently there are only two suriving sons Shri Jagan Singh and Prof. Bhim Singh. Shri Harsh Dev Singh, MLA & Chairman of JKNPP is the son of Late Thakur Das Chanotra (Dr. Thakara Singh). Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia, MLA & President of JKNPP is the son of the daughter of Thakur Birbal. More than 500 members of the family remembered Thakur Birbal a great champion of freedom movement during his time. He was a close associate of Pt. Prem Nath Dogra and had contributed a lot for the welfare of the farmers.
Prof. Bhim Singh while paying tributes to Thakur Birbal on his 50th death anniversary along with Shri Harsh Dev Singh, Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia and others said that the real tributes shall be to strengthen communal harmony, ensure delivery of justice and eliminate corruption, communalism and casteism from the society.
All the surviving sons and daughters were present on the occasion namely, Shri Jagan Singh, Prof. Bhim Singh, Smt. Surju Devi, Smt. Samata Devi and Smt. Ganeshi Devi. Those who paid tributes to Thakur Birbal included Shri Harsh Dev Singh, Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia, Shri Vishav Dev Singh, Shri Jagdev Singh, Shri Anirudh Singh, Shri Vilakshan Singh.