Hundreds NPP activists stage protest at UN Hqrs. in N.Delhi asking UN to stop Obama from attacking Syria

Hundreds of the Panthers Party activists led by its Chief Patron, Prof. Bhim Singh demonstrated in front of the Information Centre of the United Nations in New Delhi urging Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations to intervene to save Syria from destruction and attack from Obama administration.

A memorandum addressed to the UN Secretary General was also submitted through the Director of the Information Centre of the United Nations signed by Prof. Bhim Singh on behalf of the Panthers Party warning Obama of catastrophic consequences in case the US dared attack Syria to liquidate the Syrian leadership. The NPP Supremo pointed out a statement made yesterday by the Political Chief of NATO Forces that the military attack on Syria shall be ‘short, sharp & tailored’. Prof. Bhim Singh accused President Obama for playing Hitler in the 21st century to bring an end to the United Nations as Hitler did to the League of the Nations.

The demonstrators shouted slogans asking Obama to withdraw from Syria, Golan Heights and Palestine. The protestors also shouted asking UN for the implementation of resolutions 242, 338 asking Israel to withdraw its occupation from all Arab territories it has been occupying since 1967 and stop Jewish settlements in Palestine. NPP also demanded enforcement of Oslo Agreement without any delay for the establishment of sovereign state of Palestine.

Prominent among those NPP activists included M/s. Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Om Kishan, Surjit Singh Guleria, Sanjay Kumar, Anil Sharma, Jitesh Kumar, Rajesh, Jitendra Singh, Dasmesh Gupta, Monish Mirza, Mohd. Nazir, Nusrat, Afzal Khan, Arjun Singh, Shyam Sunder Sharma and others.

The memorandum submitted to Mr. Ban Ki-moon is reproduced below:-

“The National Panthers Party desire to urge on the United Nations for its intervention to save peace as well as the letter and the spirit of the Charter of the United Nations which does not permit interference into the domestic affairs of any Member state. Article 2 (7) is a mandatory for all the Members of the General Assembly of the United Nations. It was most tragic and unfortunate that the United States of America has been deliberately violating the mandate of the Charter of the United Nations. The living example was US invasion of Iraq in 2003 when Bush administration invaded Iraq under a false pretext that Iraq was manufacturing/hiding weapons of mass destruction. It was proved beyond an iota of doubt that US charge against President Saddam Hussein was false, unfounded and was labelled against President Saddam Hussein only to demonize the Arab leader and liquidate him. The US succeeded in its game plan. The silence on the part of the United Nations was a suicidal step.

Earlier in 1999 the US used NATO to commit a naked aggression against Yugoslavia with an intention to destroy the Serbian culture, history and civilization. The NATO committed a genocide of thousands of people whereas the world international fraternity failed to act. President Slobodan Milosevic was ultimately murdered in an International Criminal Court in the Hague. When I with Ramsey Clarke visited President Slobodan Milosevic in prison in the Hague he requested both of us to represent him before the court. The rule of law, as I saw it, stood murdered as the judges presiding over the so-called International Criminal Court trying President Slobodan Milosevic did not allow us (myself and Ramsey Clarke) to represent him before court saying that, “It is the prerogative of this court to decide which attorney shall represent the under trials before us.” That is the jurisprudence practiced and preached by the White House when they deal with their adversaries or political opponents in the world.

More than two million people died of hunger and starvation caused by the illegal and authoritarian economic sanctions by the United States of America. In my book, ‘Iraq-A Heroic Resistance’ I had mentioned in details how the Anglo-American Bloc committed aggression against the people of Iraq followed by genocide of the innocent people. The US mission in Iraq was to capture oils, land and strategic waters in the Arab world. They wanted to kill Saddam Hussein and they succeeded by liquidated him through a judicial murder witnessed by the entire world. What kind of democracy the USA has brought in Iraq that could be witnessed by anybody in the world that hundreds of innocent people are killed everyday by the weapons manufactured in the western world.

The United Nations is also guilty of the crime for keeping complete silence when the Anglo-American Bloc used entire NATO fighters and bombers against the people of Libya. How and under what provision of the UN Charter the Anglo-American Bloc used NATO forces to destroy the Arab people and even brutally and inhumanely killed the leader of Libya, Col. Gaddafi. The motto of the Anglo-American Bloc was not democracy nor rule of law but the oils of Libya which stands 9th in oil reserves in the world. What is happening in Libya and where is the democracy.

The next target of the US game plan is India but to reach India they have two common enemies namely, Syria and Iran. The US and Zionist backed international media is using all its nuisance power to demonize President of Syria, Dr. Bashar-al-Assad, who may be the last scion of the Arab leadership as the leadership in Egypt has been smashed by the Anglo-American plan. President Hosni Mubarak was thrashed and first elected President Mohd. Morsi has been ducked inside the prison waiting for his liquidation. All this was essential to demolish the entire Arab leadership in the Arab world so that the US may rule the entire Arab world in the Asian and African continents. The US interest is not democracy in the Arab world nor it is the freedom but it is oil, land and waters of the Arab world.

It is Anglo-American Bloc which has divided Sudan by fomenting Muslim-Christian conflict as they had done in the Indian sub-continent in the thirties during the British Rule to divide India. They divided Cameroon, the Congo, East-African States and then they partitioned Palestine in 1947 to establish a Zionist State called ‘Israel’. This was Britain who cheated Arabs in the name of Belfour Agreement in 1970 promising freedom to the Palestinians if the Arabs supported Britain against Turkey. It was Britain which cheated the Arabs in 1947 by handing over Palestine to the UN control only to help Zionists to establish Israel by the partition of Palestine. Resolution 181 of the United Nations to divide Palestine is a proof of the fact that the United Nations has been a hen-picked group of European Nations to work as a tool in the hands of western powers.

The United Nations has to answer this questions to the future historians who shall write the story of death day of the United Nations as to how and why the United Nations has remained quiet on its resolutions say 242, 338 and dozen of other resolutions directing Israel to vacate all Arab lands, Israel illegally and forcibly occupied through military invasion in 1967. Golan Heights of Syria is a living example. The offer made by Late President Hafiz-al-Assad of Syria for ‘Land for Peace’ was ignored. The Zionist State of Israel was allowed to establish its occupation by force in the Golan Heights. Where were the leaders of Anglo-American Bloc? How the international community kept quiet? Where were the leaders of the world peace mission sleeping?

President Yasir Arafat of Palestine was cheated by the Anglo-American Bloc even when he went to the White House to shake hands with the Israeli leaders. Even when Yasir Arafat signed Oslo Agreement with Israel in the presence of White House. What happened to the State of Palestine? How the Anglo-American Bloc can explain its support to Govt. of Israel to expand Jewish settlements in Palestine against the clear mandatory directions of the United Nations.

The activists of the National Panthers Party which represents the voice of the millions and millions people of the world would like to urge the Secretary General of United Nations for immediate intervention of the United Nations to stop Obama administration from attacking Syria. The only intention of the Obama administration in attacking Syria is to liquidate President Dr. Bashar-al-Assad. This has become evident to the entire world after receiving a clear message from the NATO Political Chief, Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen that attack on Syria shall be ‘short, sharp & tailored’. This means what? It means the attack will be to liquidate the Syrian leadership and of course elected President of Syria, Dr. Bashar-al-Assad.

Let the world understand that this may be the end of the United Nations in the same way as the end of the League of Nations came in the forties. The leaders in the Arab world including the Arab League States may be forced under the circumstances to ditto the American game plan but the majority of the people in the Arab world do not agree with what the leaders of the Arab League States have stated under the terror of CIA guns.

We the people of India stand for peace all over the world. We stand for the sovereignty and independence of all nations. We are opposed for interference into the domestic affairs of any nation, big or small by any country however big it may be. Mr. Obama, the President of US, should understand the writings on the walls of the history that shall be written tomorrow. Let him come true to the expectations of the peace-loving people of the world. They want to see Gandhian or Martin Luther King spirit in Obama and not that of Bush spirit. Let him choose.

Nevertheless the Anglo-American game shall not succeed to colonialize the emerging world.”