Panthers Party files petition in SC on Hiranagar-Samba attack by Pak terrorists

J&K National Panthers Party filed a Crl. Misc. Petition in the Supreme Court through its Political Secretary seeking an immediate probe by the Supreme Court into the circumstances and situation that enabled Pak Army commandoes to kill policemen inside Hiranagar (Kathua District) Police Station at 7.00 a.m. and then attacked Army Camp in Samba, nearly one hour drive from Hiranagar on September 26, 2013, killing nearly half a dozen Army personnel including a colonel of the Army right inside the Army Camp.

The I.A. has been settled by Sr. Advocate, Prof. Bhim Singh in which the claims and the credentials of the state government have been questioned. The petitioner has stated, “It was on 26th September, 2013 that the Pak military dressed terrorists could manage to enter into the Indian soil, drove for more than one hour from the border and then attacked Hiranagar Police Station killing four policemen and two civilians. After this terrorists’ attack the terrorists might have taken one hour to drive in the police truck from Hiranagar to Samba District where they entered Army camp, killed a Colonel and four soldiers.  The main question that needs to be answered is;

a).       how the terrorists were not identified enroute international border to Hiranagar Police Station.

b).       They might have continued Police Station operation for 30 minutes. Where was the administration? Where were the Intelligence Agencies in the border town of Hiranagar?

c).       How a Kashmiri driver truck was stationed outside the Police Station with readymade departure for the Pak terrorists?

d).       How and what circumstances the truck was ‘hijacked’ by the terrorists and safely driven to Samba?

e).       How the terrorists could locate the Army camp and how they managed with heavy weaponry in hands to enter the Army Camp? Couldn’t they be detected by any agency, or any guard at the Army Camp?

f).        This is also important to find out whether the column of terrorists who sneaked from international border to Hiranagar to attack the prison/police station was the same group of terrorists who attacked Samba Army Camp?

g).       Whether there was a separate group of terrorists who had sneaked simultaneously from international border to Samba to attack the Army camp in order to divert the attention of the security forces from the Hiranagar attack?

h).       Whether the public statement made by Mr. Omar Abdullah, the Chief Minister of J&K that J&K has not been integrated or merged with the Union of India a day before this tragic incident was a part of the conspiracy to encourage Pak militants to attack the police and the Army?

i).        Whether there were more than three terrorists in the group of attackers? The identity of the terrorists killed has not been disclosed to the public.

j).        Whether continuous tirade by the Chief Minister, Mr. Omar Abdullah against the Army is responsible for encouraging the anti-national forces and outside agencies to increase their attacks against army?”

Panthers make bonfire of Omar Abdullah’s effigy Demands his dismissal for security of India

Several Panthers Party activists set Omar Abdullah’s effigy on fire in front of J&K House, Prithviraj Road, New Delhi this evening demanding his immediate dismissal for his anti-national statements yesterday and for accusing the Indian Army day in and day out. Addressing the protestors, Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of NPP and Member of NIC accused Omar Abdullah, Chief Minister of J&K for his scessionists and anti-national outbursts even challenging the integration of the state with the rest of the country. He said that Omar Abdullah has become a security risk which is evident from the tragic incident which took place this morning in Hiranagar, resulting into martyrdom of nearly a dozen of policemen and Army officers and army men. He accused Omar Abdullah for this disaster and demanding his dismissal without delay.  Prof. Bhim Singh wondered how and why Congress in J&K is supporting an anti-national Chief Minister?
The Panthers Party shouting slogan, “Omar Hatao, Desh Bachao”.
Those participated in the protest included  Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Romesh Khajuria, Surjit Singh Guleria, Afzal Khan, Om Kishan, Samshad Ali, R.P. Sharma, Balwinder Khosla, Arjit Singh, Vijay Kumar and others.

Terrorists attack by Pak Army at Hiranagar P/S is act of aggression against India

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council has condemned the terrorists attack by the Pakistan Army at Hiranagar (District Kathua), about 30 kms. from Indo-Pak international border this morning as an act of aggression. He accused the Army, Paramilitary forces, Central and State Intelligence and Information Networks for their complete failure to watch the enemy’s activities across the border particularly when Pakistan Army continued firing from across the border in the night hours. Pak Army uses firing technique on the borders to enable their terrorists to infiltrator into Indian soil. He said that the coalition Govt. of NC-Congress has become a security risk as there is no trace of governance in the State. He questioned how the Intelligence and Information agencies in the border areas failed to check the terrorists’ movement inside the Indian Territory? How the Pakistani terrorists in Army uniforms were not detected during their travel for two hours from the border to Hiranagar town? How and where were the Army, Central and State Intelligence?
Prof. Bhim Singh disclosed that he was informed by Hiranagar activists that the terrorists in Pak Army uniform had directed the vegetables carrier tempo to take them to Hiranagar prison. The driver mistook Police Station for prison being outsider. The terrorists smashed entire Police Station ravaged it with bullets killing almost all policemen in the Police Station. Assault continued for 40 minutes. There was no reaction of the administration at 7.00 a.m. in the morning. The Govt. of J&K is answerable? There were several Pak prisoners whom the terrorists wanted to abduct or set free. They failed because of the drivers ‘mistake’.
It is the pathetic situation that the terrorists drove away a truck parked in front of the police station towards Samba. The terrorists attacked Indian Army martyring a serving Colonel and others in Samba thus creating a terror in the entire state. The Centre should take immediate action by calling the emergency meeting of all the intelligence agencies  i.e. Army, Central and State Intelligence to take appropriate steps that such terror activities are not repeated. It is urgent that the people of the state feel confident and secure that the Army is capable of protecting lives and stocks. The governments should initiate people to people contact without loosing any more time on this subject.
Prof. Bhim Singh said that statement of the Chief Minister yesterday that integration of J&K is not complete and attacked by Pak terrorists this morning make a strong case for immediate dismissal of J&K Govt.

Note: The Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party is protesting in front of J&K House, Prithviraj Road, New Delhi at 5.00 p.m. today demanding dismissal of the J&K Govt. immediately as the Govt. in J&K has become a security threat.

Maharaja Hari Singh acclaimed as super nationalist Panthers and social groups observe his 118th birthday

118th birth anniversary was observed by Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party late in the evening on 23rd September, 2013 at Constitution Club, New Delhi. This day was also observed in several parts of India by the Panthers Party in Srinagar, Jammu, Delhi, Tamilnadu, Lucknow, Jaipur and other places.
Several notables from the Panthers Party and civil society in a resolution emphasized that Maharaja Hari Singh’s birthday should be included in the national events as he was the only prince who defied the ship of the colonial British empire and declared in the Round Table Conference in London in 1931 in the presence of the crown of England that, “I am Indian first and then a Maharaja”. It also said that he was the only ruler among the rulers of the world who declared at the time of his coronation in 9th July, 1925 that, “My Religion is Justice”. Maharaja was a great reformer and revolutionary king who in 1929 declared under a decree that all public places including temples and places of worship shall remain open for the depressed classes, what they call Dalits today.
Prof. Bhim Singh expressed anguish that the Maharaja who acceded the entire State of J&K in 1947 to the Union of India was treated with disgust and malice by the Congress and the National Conference leaders. He said he is exiled in 1949 from J&K was a shocking story which cannot be erased from the pages of the history. He said the Maharaja died as the most disappointed person on 26th April, 1961 in Bombay. He accused the J&K ruling leaders who did not even lower the state flag half-mast. Prof. Bhim Singh along with several student leaders including Shri Opinder Khajuria (former General Manager, J&K Bank), Late Karan Dev Singh, Late Raj Kumar Sehgal, Late Prem Singh, Late Brij Raj Singh and several others, lowered the state flag from the Civil Secretariat on 5th May, 1961 in the presence of thousands of Jammuites and students while Yuvraj Karan Singh (Dr. Karan Singh) was immersing Maharaja’s remains in the Tawi river to fulfill the desire of the Dogra King.
Dr. Karan Singh, the Chief Guest on the occasion narrated several historic incidents including Maharaja’s car journey from Srinagar to Jammu on 25th October, 1947. This was necessitated as V.P. Menon had requested the Maharaja to reach Jammu to sign the Instrument of Accession. Dr. Karan Singh said that Maharaja was a great noble and nationalist king whose agenda was welfare of the people of the entire state. Dr. Karan Singh also opined that the civil society and the research scholar should study the period under the governance of Maharaja Hari Singh from 1925 to 1947. This is only way to gather the contributions made by Maharaja Hari Singh for the upliftment and welfare of entire state of J&K.
The meeting was also addressed Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Working President, B.S. Sajan, National Secretary, Romesh Khajuria, R.P. Sharma, Kali Ram Tomar, Leader of Bhartiya Samata Samaj, Shushil Khanna, Convenor, Bhim Brigade.

SC notice to UOI & U.P. Govt. on Writ Petition seeking CBI probe on Muzaffar Nagar riots

A division Bench of Supreme Court comprising Chief Justice P. Sathasivam, Justice Mrs. Ranjana Prakash Desai & Justice Mr. Ranjan Gogoi issued notice to the Union of India & Uttar Pradesh Government on a writ petition filed by the SCBA seeking directions to hold an independent enquiry into the horrors of human disaster in Muzaffar Nagar riots on 7th September, 2013.

Senior Advocates M/s. M.N. Krishnamani & Prof. Bhim Singh who represented the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) before the division bench of the Supreme Court urged the Court to order investigation by an independent and impartial agency namely CBI in the interest of national security.

Prof. Bhim Singh submitted before the Court that a tug of war between the Union of India & Uttar Pradesh government should not make truth a casualty. He submitted that an independent investigation by the CBI or CIT under the supervision of the Supreme Court alone shall save the truth in the greater interest of communal harmony which is the backbone of democracy.

Prof. Bhim Singh also mentioned the Crl. M.P. filed by the SCBA seeking permission to screen the ‘sting operation’ in connection with Muzaffar Nagar riots which was telecast on 17th September, 2013 by India Today (headlines) and Times Now. He informed the court that this Sting Operation which has been witnessed by millions of people in the country makes a strong case that the Muzaffar Nagar riots needs to be invested by an independent agency.