NPP Rejoinder to Omar Abdullah on his tirade against India

New Delhi/Jammu/Srinagar, 17th August, 2013:- J&K’s super imposed Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah proclaimed in his loud voice on the Independence Day from Srinagar that the ‘Kashmiries’ are being treated differently from the citizens in the rest of the country. In his rejoinder, Prof. Bhim Singh, Supremo National Panthers Party, blamed the Chief Minister and his NC Party for this discrimination with the Kashmiries on the following counts;
1.     It is National Conference and its leadership which has been adjudges guilty for isolating Kashmiries from the rest of the country.
2.     It is Chief Minister who has been seeking his survival from the public wrath, say in Kishtwar, with the help and aid of the Army which is being accused day in & day out by the Chief Minister. Had there been no army help, Omar would have been blown by the morning fog before making a statement on 15th August, 2013.
3.     It is Chief Minster who did not recognize State’s Accession with the Union of India and asking for greater autonomy (means freedom) which means more isolations.
4.      This is the Chief Minister and his father who have been responsible for total exodus of Kashmiri pundits in 1990 that did not happen anywhere in the country.
5.       It is only J&K which has been allowed to enjoy a different Constitution with its own flag, criminal laws, The High Court. Naturally the state is different
6.    It is only J&K where delimitation of the Assembly constituencies was not permitted to be held since 1975. After the census of 2001 was taken (including in J&K), delimitation of all the Lok Sabha and Assembly seats was held throughout country except in J&K because of the Chief Minister’s veto. He kept the people of the state different from the rest of the country.
7.    He and ruling party has been pleading  for the retention of all discriminatory provisions in the constitution which keep state away from the main steam.
8.    He and his party has been inciting and provoking the Kashmiries in his hate speeches against the minorities, nationalists, armed forces and secularists. Kishtwar has been fountain of communal harmony. It was his hate speeches that led to bloodshed in Ramban and Kishtwar
9.    It is the Chief Minister who has been treating the senior IAS & IPS officers as bonded labourers.
10.    The state Congress leaders cannot be absolved from the criminal act of abetting a Chief Minister in his criminal conspiracy to destabilize the country through his hate speeches and criminal acts.
11.    It was J&K Chief Minister whose active worker was killed in policy custody, detained under his orders and even an FIR was not lodged. Central leaders kept quiet. It is only JKNPP fighting to bring the culprits to justice.
12.    It is only J&K where 120 teenagers including minors were killed on the streets and Central leaders did not utter a single word except the JKNPP.
13.    It is only Omar Abdullah who interacts with his ‘subjects’ on twitter as he cannot face the people. This happens nowhere except in J&K.
14.      This is not disputed that the people of J&K are being treated differently by the Delhi. No one else except the Chief Minister is guilty of these charges pasted by Omar Abdullah.
15.     Only guilt of Central leadership is that it is supporting Omar Abdullah with their eyes-shut and ears-closed least caring that the Chief Minister has turned a security risk and has endangered communal harmony in J&K which is backbone of the Nation.

World community should condemn massacre of humanity on the streets of Egypt

Several Panthers Party activists today held a massive demonstration at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi condemning the human massacre on the streets of Egypt, one of the greatest civilizations of the world. NPP Supremo, Prof. Bhim Singh called on international community to raise the voice against the slaughter of human beings in thousands on the streets of Cairo, Alexandria and other towns and streets of the great civilization. Prof. Bhim Singh expressed his dismay on the conspiracy hatched in the White House, the USA to liquidate the great Arabs in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Libya, Sudan and now in Egypt to establish the hegemony of Zionist State of Israel in the Middle-East which was imposed by illegal means and methods by the Big Powers by using the Security Council under Resolution 181 in 1947. Palestine was divided. Iraq was attacked by using NATO which works as a military agency of the USA. Its President, Saddam Hussein was hanged.
Prof. Bhim Singh who is also the Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council accused Anglo-American Bloc for dividing Sudan, demolishing the entire political structure in Libya. Killed leader of Libya, Col. Gaddafi in most humiliating way. The NPP Chief Patron, Prof. Bhim Singh said that the international community should have understood by today that there is no difference between Bush & Bush and no difference between Bush & Obama. The NPP Chief blamed President Obama to start his hate campaign against Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak when US President came to address the Cairo University meeting. Mr. Obama did not care to mention the name of Mr. Hosni Mubarak, President of Egypt who was presiding over the Cairo University meeting. Prof. Bhim Singh had dashed a letter to Mr. Obama saying that the Arabs distrust in the US leadership had grown stronger.
Prof. Bhim Singh said that the US claimed that they killed President Saddam Hussein because they wanted return of democracy and peace in Iraq. He said that Iraq has been experiencing bloodbath as hundreds of people are killed everyday in Iraq. Is it the democracy US intend to bring to the Syrian republic? Mr. Morsi who was elected in accordance with the Constitution framed by the elected Parliament of Egypt. Removal of Morsi was not only treacherous but authoritarian, discriminatory and a massacre of rule of law. What was the hurry to remove Morsi from power and put him in jail when majority had elected him. He reminded the world community that a secular India was governed by RSS oriented Prime Minister, Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee for six years. The secular India tolerated him because he was returned to power through the ballot. This is democracy not what the White House has been dictating to the Arabs.
Prof. Bhim Singh accused the US President for threatening the peace and democracies in the world only to ensure that US survives as global dictator and all other Afro-Asian nations obey the command of the USA, some as American market and others as American slaves. Let the people of the world awake.