Panthers Party assails State BJP decision of surrender & sale

The core group of the JKNPP comprising Chief Patron of National Panthers Party Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman Shri Harsh Dev Singh, MLA,  President Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia, MLA General Secretary Shri Yashpaul Kundal, MLA, Young Panthers President Syed Rafiq Shah, MLC today appealed the people to continue battle for restoration of peace, human dignity and for imposition of Governor Rule to preserve communal harmony and national integrity.
The Panthers leadership appealed the youth and the students to take up to the streets the cause of the depressed people of the state and liberation from draconian, corrupt, communal and tyrant rulers. They said the people’s movement to impose Governor Rule as first step shall continue no matter what the so-called opposition parties like Jammu BJP chooses to decide.
The Panthers Party leadership assailed the Jammu BJP for another sell out after 2008 to the government to seek their individual and personal interest and gains. This is obvious, JKNPP said, from the grand betrayal by the so-called opposition party which has been playing fixed match as NC’s ‘B’ team ever since the NC-Congress alliance was created. The JKNPP leaders quoted the national BJP leadership that the BJP has sunk in the state and that’s why seven sitting MLAs were axed from the party.
Prof. Bhim Singh in his message called the young panthers and the NPSU leaders to unite all the youth and the students irrespective of their political affiliations and take up the leadership to organize a social boycott of the ruling alliance in the state who are responsible for death and destruction and for creating communal divide in the state. He appealed the people of the state to keep communal harmony as their first agenda because secularism is the backbone of democracy.

Bhim Singh’s sister bereaved

One of the sailors among the 18 persons who have been declared dead in the submarine explosion in the naval dockyard in Mumbai was L/Ft. Kewal Singh (27), s/o Sagar Singh, r/o Village Kheen Bheen, Ramnagar, J&K, nephew of Mrs. Shakuntla Devi, sister of Prof. Bhim Singh. He leaves a six-month-old daughter, wife, his parents and grand parents.

In his condolence message, Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has described the death of Kewal Singh with other naval personnel as most shocking.

The Defence Minister, A.K. Antony has condoled the death of all naval personnel who lost their lives in the submarine.

SC rejects J&K Govt.’s plea to amend its order on Kishtwar, JKNPP allowed to file Affidavit

A Division Bench of the Supreme Court presided by Chief Justice of India Mr. P. Sathasivam today rejected the plea of J&K Govt. to amend its order it may yesterday while hearing the petition filed by J&K National Panthers Party.
The Supreme Court in its order had recorded the statement of Mr. Gaurav Pachnanda, Sr. Counsel for J&K Government that, “Learned Senior Counsel has also informed us that the State Government has decided to pay compensation at the rate of Rs.5 lacs in the case of death and up to Rs.2 lacs in case of injuries. Learned Senior Counsel also informed that the formal decision in this regard would be taken up shortly.” The other judges on the bench were JJ Mr. Rajana Desai & Mr. Justice Rajan Gogoi.
Mr. Fernandes made special mentioning before the Chief Justice to amend its order to the extent that Rs.2 lacs in case of injuries may be amended by ‘the loss of property’ instead of injuries. The Chief Justice asked the State Counsel, “Don’t you intend to pay anything to the injured persons for their treatment?” The Court rejected the plea of the State Counsel.
In the meantime, Prof. Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate for J&K National Panthers Party while thinking the court for its intervention to save the lives of the stranded pilgrims sought permission of the court to file an additional affidavit for the safe return of over 150 pilgrims who remained stranded at Mata Machel Temple which is 25 kms. from Gulabgarh towards Jhanskar, Kargil. He submitted before the court that about 150 pilgrims are held up in Machel and there is no road between Machel and Gulabgarh. Panthers Party has prayed in its affidavit for lifting the stranded pilgrims including children, women and elderly persons in helicopter upto Gulabgarh at least. The Court permitted Prof. Bhim Singh to file the affidavit which was filed immediately after the mentioning.

Sd/-P.V. Yogeswaran, Advocate-on-Record
NB: Supplementary Affidavit attached.