NC, Congress got exposed on Telangana Statehood, Stability in J&K possible only after Reorganization

“National Conference leadership stood totally exposed in its own mirror as Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah fought Jehad against Treaty of Amritsar, Dr. Farooq Abdullah rode the autonomy wagon whereas Omar Abdullah is gliding on the robot of Dixon Plan. National Conference stood exposed by the opportunistic stand they have been taking to suit their vested interests to stick to power with the support of anybody and everybody from Delhi may it be secular Congress or saffron BJP.” Prof. Bhim Singh, NPP Supremo reacted to the statement of the J&K Chief Minister that there is a need to set up a Central Commission to examine the need for Reorganization of States.
Prof. Bhim Singh observed that Telangana may come today or tomorrow but reorganization in J&K is inevitable as Jammu Pradesh stood divided in 1947 when armed Razaqar supported by Pakistan invaded J&K in 1947. Sheikh Abdullah managed Nehru with his Kashmiri ethnicity to secure geographical boundaries of Kashmir Valley with the Indian Union. The territories which Pakistan calls as ‘Azad Kashmir’ (POK) were integral part of Jammu Province having common link of its cultural, political and geographical identities. The Paharies remained worst sufferers.
Prof. Bhim Singh has made a strong appeal to the Dogra-Pahari youth in particular to join the Panthers Party movement for the reorganization of the state as the Dogra-Pahari identity can only be safe under the Dogra-Pahari leadership. He said that Nehru’s important contribution towards J&K is on record that he rejected Dixon Plan in totality. This was the reason that Nehru got Sheikh Abdullah dismissed in 1953.
Prof. Bhim Singh said that J&K enjoys maximum autonomy and the so-called slogan of greater autonomy or self rule has no meaning for the people of J&K. These slogans have been coined only to exploit the innocent and caged Kashmiries in the Valley. For Telangana a resolution of A.P. Assembly is needed whereas in case of J&K it is only Parliament within the meaning and scope of Article 370 that the Parliament can go for reorganization by annulling Treaty of Amritsar or propose three legislative/administrative units for J&K; Ladakh, Kashmir Valley & Jammu Pradesh.