Netanyahu must prove his commitment towards Palestinian State

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman of the Indo-Arab Solidarity Council and Member of National Integration Council expressed ‘no surprise’ on Mr. Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel calling the President of Palestine, Mohd. Abbas to congratulate him on Ramadan. Mr. Netanyahu infamous for his hawkish attitude towards the Palestinians talked to the Palestinian President on telephone to congratulate him on the Ramadan. This was reported by the international media.

Prof. Bhim Singh has been in close-association with the people of Palestine for over three decades. He has been an intimate friend of Palestinian Hero, Yasir Arafat and has stood by the people of Palestine for the establishment of sovereign state of Palestine as was proposed in the Palestine partition plan in 1947 by the United Nations in Resolution no.181. India had opposed this resolution to divide Palestine. Israel, immediately after it was declared so by the United Nations, occupied several towns and territories of Palestine, Syria, Egypt and Jordan in total defiance of UN Resolution. Several resolutions passed by the United Nations e.g. 338, 242 and others have not been implemented by Israel. In spite of Israel’s total defiance of the UN Resolution, it continued to be on the favourite books of the Anglo-American Bloc.

Prof. Bhim Singh in his book, ‘Iraq-A Heroic Resistance’ has accused the Anglo-American Bloc as well as the western countries for their double standards policy vis-à-vis the Middle-East. They attacked Iraq in 1990 for not implementing the UN Resolution even without waiting for Iraqies reply. Sanctions were imposed resulting into humiliation of a nation and death of over million children. On the other hand the Anglo-American Bloc never cared to implement the resolutions of the same United Nations asking Israel to vacate ‘all Arab territories’. This is a tragedy of the United Nations that Israel still occupies Gholan Heights of Syria. The Anglo-American Bloc has been abetting, financing and army terrorists in Syria against the legitimate government instead asking Israel to vacate Gholan Heights.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that what is happening in Egypt makes crystal clear that the US intends to colonize the entire Arab world because the US interest lies in the waters, oils and the strategic lands of the Arabs. He said that India is the only hope at this crucial juncture when the peace in the world is under a serious threat.