NPP Supremo calls on Telangana Students to lead the State Movement

Addressing a high-profile Round Table Conference in support of Telangana State in Hyderabad today, Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Member of National Integration Council called on the students and youth to take up the movement for Telangana State as the politicians and the political parties have failed to deliver. He congratulated the students of Osmania University who expressed their resentment against the double standards of the Congress last evening in Hyderabad. Prof. Bhim Singh presented a roadmap for the Joint Students Action Committee of Telangana to take up the movement on 2nd October, birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and accomplish the mission by 14th November, 2013, birthday of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. These 42 days should be dedicated for Telangana by every Telanganites, students, youth, employees, trade unions, farmers, shopkeepers and everybody. He regretted that the Congress leadership has failed in its commitments after Mrs. Indira Gandhi and in the same way BJP lost its relevance after the exit of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee from active politics. The NPP Supremo expressed hope that the students shall take the lead in Telangana and elsewhere in the country, wherever discrimination has to be fought and justice delivered. He accused the Central leadership for its failure to implement Assam Accord, 1985 which is responsible for the chaos and uncertainty in Assam today. Similarly, Punjab Accord signed by Shri Rajiv Gandhi resulted in the gruesome assassination of Sant Longowal and Chief Minister, S. Beant Singh. He also accused the State Congress leadership for playing hoax with Indira-Sheikh Accord in 1975. This Accord was put in the dustbin by Sheikh Abdullah’s son and now stands buried in the grave by Sheikh Abdullah’s grandson. Sheikh Abdullah had closed the chapter of plebiscite, referendum and autonomy whereas present Congress leadership allowed this autonomy ghost to be revived.
Prof. Bhim Singh said that the President of India in his presidential address in 2006 had declared formation of Telangana State in the near future and the Union Home Minister had made announcement on the floors of Parliament to establish Telangana State. This is petty that same leadership has forced the people of Telangana to take up to the streets. More than 350 people were killed by the police whereas more than 1000 have committed suicide during their peaceful protest on the streets. Telangana appears nowhere.
Prof. Bhim Singh told the leaders of various political parties including BJP, CPM, CPI, TDP, Congress and Rashtriya Lok Dal. Prof. Bhim Singh’s appeal to the students of Telangana to sacrifice 42 days for the cause of the people and Telangana shall be there. This remarks provoked two members of Lok Sabha namely, Mr. Jayant Choudhary (son of Mr. Ajit Singh, Union Minister for Aviation) and Mr. Madhu Yashki (Congress) from Hyderabad. Mr. Jayant Choudhary, MP did not agree with Prof. Bhim Singh and described his speech as highly dangerous whereas Mr. Madhu Yashki partly agreed saying that Telangana is a reality and needs a unique struggle. He accused the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and some other Congress leaders for misleading the Central leadership on the ground situation. However, both the MPs praised Prof. Bhim Singh for his long-long experience in students’ movement and his fight for justice in J&K.
This Round Table Conference was organized by Telangana Rashtriya Lok Dal headed by Mrs. Indira Kumar who presided over the Round Table Conference.