Bhim blasts Omar statements for browbeating Centre & exploiting Kashmiries

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council while addressing a crowded press conference in Audos Hotel in Srinagar accused J&K imposed Chief Minister for trying to repeat old habit by the NC rulers to browbeat Centre and incite the innocent Kashmiries against India. The NPP Supremo said that Mr. Omar Abdullah is the Chief Minister on the crutches of the Congress Party and his father is a senior cabinet minister in the Central government. Both are ruling on the mercy of the Central government and the Congress. Having realized that he has no support of the people of J&K and he cannot deliver goods, he has started beating the old drums which his grandfather and father had been practicing whenever they realized that they no longer or wanted by the Kashmiries. Prof. Bhim Singh asked Omar Abdullah to throw out the Congress ministers from government and asked his father to resign from the Centre. Only then he should speak for the people of Kashmir.
Prof. Bhim Singh extended greetings to the Muslim fraternity at home and all over the world on the eve of holy month of Ramzan. He also urged Prime Minister for his intervention to ensure release of thousands of innocent Kashmiri boys kept in illegal custody in J&K. He pleaded for General Amnesty for all those boys detained in different jails without trials thus giving a message of goodwill and reconciliation to the suffering families in J&K.
Prof. Bhim Singh also visited the casual employees of the Tourism Department who have been sitting on hunger strike in front of Tourist Center, Srinagar for the past 13 days. He appealed to not to go self-immolation which the striking employees had decided. He assured more than 200 casual employees to fight their cases in the Supreme Court. Several hundreds of casual employees working for more than 10 years have been fired by the government without giving any reason. The NPP Supremo demanded immediate reinstatement of the casual labourers in the Tourism Department without delay.
Prof. Bhim Singh was flanked by senior Panthers Party leaders during his press conference namely, Vice President, Masood Andrabi, General Secretary, Mr. Manjoor Naik, Provincial President, Mr. Farooq Ahmed Dar, State Secretary Mr. Mehboob Illahi. In reply to a question Prof. Bhim Singh accused BJP and National Conference for exploiting the people in the name of Article 370. He questioned why BJP could not mention Article 370 even during their rule in the Centre for six years. He said neither autonomy nor self rule and nor even abrogation of Article 370 is the solution to the J&K problems. The resolution of J&K lies in Reorganization of the State by granting separate legislature, separate budget, separate recruitment to all the three regions of the State. He told the media that so-called 1952 Agreement did not exist anywhere. It is shame he said that the J&K Constitution has no fundamental rights in it.