Anglo-American Bloc responsible for Recycling of military rule in Egypt

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council who is also the Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council expressed grave concern on the volatile situation i.e. emerging in the Arab World in the name of ‘Arab Spring’ for the past several years. He said that return of Army rule in Egypt is neither good for one of the greatest civilizations in the world and its people nor for the Arab world. He said that he had been in association with the Arab world including Egypt for several years and felt convinced that the great civilized Egyptian people shall not opt for any extreme political system. Either to the North or to the South. It is most unfortunate for the great civilization like Egypt that it has experienced three different systems in two years endangering not only economy and development of Egypt but also its security.
He blamed Israel backed by Anglo-American Bloc for the uncertainty and political chaos that has erupted in Egypt in the name of Arab Spring. He cited US President Barack Hussein Obama for inciting this situation in Egypt and in the rest of the countries. His visit to Cairo three years’ back has given the signal straight while he was addressing in the Cairo University. Prof. Bhim Singh had dashed a letter to Mr. Obama expressing his serious concern on the US game plan in Arab world.
Prof. Bhim Singh condemned Anglo-American Bloc for destroying reasonably good fashioned democracy under President Saddam Hussein when people were feeling secured in Iraq. It was US who demolished democracy in Iraq. Hundreds of people are killed everyday in Iraq and the US cannot be absolved from its responsibility. Libya was another example. Sudan has been divided into two hostile camps between the Christians and the Muslims. It is most condemnable game plan of Anglo-American Bloc that they are openly and shamelessly financing, abetting, supporting and instigating the so-called opposition in Syria to take up guns against the government of President, Dr. Bashar-al-Assad. It is a treachery how they got involve in Egypt where they failed to understand the great in-depth of the people of Egypt. Change of government in Egypt is neither good for the Egyptians nor for the outsiders. However, it remains to be seen what the role Egyptian Army is going to play. Prof. Bhim Singh had visited Egypt after the fall of President of Hosni Mubarak and wrote several write-ups which were published in the Egyptian Gazette about the dark days ahead in Egypt.
Prof. Bhim Singh said that the Egyptian people are a great civilization and he hoped as their friend and well-wisher that democracy shall return to Egypt. He warned all the Arab leaders to beware of the Anglo-American plot to rob the Arab wealth, waters and oil which is the only objective of the western world vis-à-vis the Arabs.
Prof. Bhim Singh has decided to send a study team to Egypt and Syria on the prevailing situation as friend of the Arab world.