Panthers hold protest in front of Kashmir House, Memorandum to Governor for Omar’s dismissal

Hundreds of Panthers held a massive demonstration on the locked Prithviraj Road in front of Kashmir House where Omar Abdullah was hiding inside demanding immediate dismissal of Omar Abdullah and his trial for sedition. The protest was led by NPP Supremo, Prof. Bhim Singh and joined by several senior leaders of Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party including M/s. B.S. Sajan, Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Sanjay Kumar, Nishant Sambyal, Rahul Vig, Jitesh Kumar, Irfan Hussain, Rajesh Kumar, Ajit Singh, Raju Chauhan, Dasmesh Gupta, Om Kishan, S.S. Sharma, Ms. Neha Nanda, J.P. Chawla, Shiv Prasad Vishwakarma, Afzal Khan, Surjit Singh Guleria and others.
Addressing the rally on the road blocked by the police from both sides, Prof. Bhim Singh demanded immediate dismissal of Omar Abdullah in the interest of national security and the safety of the people of J&K. He accused Omar Abdullah for publicly insulting and disgracing the army by demanding their immediate removal. This act of Omar Abdullah, he said, has encouraged the terrorists imported by him from Pakistan via Nepal to attack the army. This is mutiny committed by the Chief Minister against the State. The Panthers condemned the killings of the serving policemen on the road and that of the army soldiers on the highway on the eve of PM’s visit to Kashmir. He urged the Governor to intervene u/s. 92 of the Constitution of J&K which has vested power in the Governor to dismiss the government if it is not functioning in accordance with the Constitution.
The Additional Commissioner in the Kashmir House personally collected memorandum of the Panthers Party from Delhi Pradesh Panthers Party leaders addressed to Shri N.N. Vohra, the Governor of J&K seeking dismissal of Omar Abdullah without delay. The memorandum is reproduced below:-
“We the activists of Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party would like to submit the following memorandum to your honour for your intervention under section 92 of J&K Constitution as the Omar Abdullah government has become security risk thus causing threat to the national integration.
1.       It was the Omar Abdullah, the Chief Minister of J&K who denounced State Accession with the
Union of India on the floor of the Assembly last year
2.      It was Omar Abdullah, as Chief Minister, Incharge Home responsible for the brutal killings of 120 youth and students to 2010. A Commission of enquiry should be constituted.
3.       It was Omar Abdullah, Chief Minister of J&K, who is directly responsible for the death of Hazi Yusuf in 2011. The case is pending in Supreme Court. Even FIR has not been filed because of the intervention of the Chief Minister.
4.         It is the Chief Minister and his government abetted the illegal entry of Pakistani trained terrorists to enter India via Nepal. The Chief Minister admitted in the Assembly that 243 militants holding Pakistani passports had entered India via Nepal without any valid documents. It is Chief Minister, who has committed offence u/s.120, 121, 122 &123 threatening the security of the state by allowing Pakistani nationals to enter Jammu and Kashmir without valid documents.
5.         Two policemen were brutally killed in the heart of Srinagar City in the broad day light. There was no arrest. This shows connivance of Omar Abdullah’s government with the terrorists.
6.    A few days back, on the eve of Prime Minister’s visit to Kashmir, eight army soldiers were martyred by the terrorists on the highway, on the out skirts of Srinagar City by the terrorists. No arrest, no clue about the terrorists. It was he started tirade against the Indian army demanding their removal from the state thus provoking and encouraging the terrorists to attack the army. He has committed in grave offence against the country. Surely these terrorists are among those who were smuggled into J&K by Omar Abdullah from Pakistan. This amounted to aggression against India.
7.    Omar Abdullah and his government is involved in corruption and sabotage of all the Central Schemes meant for the development of the state.
8.         It is Omar Abdullah government which has brutalized human rights, detained senior Kashmiri angry leader in their homes without any cause.
9.         The continuation of Omar Abdullah government shall prove disaster to the national interest and democracy in the state
We urge upon your honour to dismiss Omar Abdullah in the same spirit and for the same cause which Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India, applied to Sheikh Abdullah in the greater national interest. Omar Abdullah has become security risk and he must go. Your timely action shall save Kashmir, save India. Dismiss Omar Abdullah as nation is more important than any individual.”