NC’s ‘autonomy’ demand, invoking secession, inspiring terrorism in Kashmir

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron, National Panthers Party slapped a hard-heating rejoinder to National Conference leaders including Dr. Farooq Abdullah and his son Omar Abdullah asking them to spell out their autonomy demand so that the Kashmiries also understand what NC has been asking for. He pointed out;
1.    Indian Constitution is not applicable to the State of J&K though it is integral part of the Union. The Maharaja of J&K had acceded to the Union in 1947 which has been accepted by the United Nations too.
2.    The Parliament of India cannot legislate in respect of any piece of legislation in J&K which is evident from the provisions of Article 370.
3.    J&K has a separate Constitution sans fundamental rights and freedoms. There is no freedom of speech, expression or to practice any religion in the state.
4.    The preamble of J&K Constitution is blank on the words, ‘Secularism’, ‘socialism’ and ‘human dignity’.
5.    J&K has High Court of J&K which was established by Maharaja Hari Singh in 1928. It is not at par with the High Courts in other states.
6.    J&K has no Bar Council as Bar Councils in all states are elected from among the lawyers. J&K is the only state where Bar Council is headed by the Chief Justice of J&K with the selected High Court judges as its members. The Registrar of the High Court is the Secretary of the Bar Council. What a shame on the shame democracy.
Prof. Bhim Singh who is also Sr. Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association and Executive Chairman (Hony.) of the State Legal Aid Committee, J&K asked Dr. Farooq Abdullah and his son to spell out his autonomy and answer what more autonomy NC has been asking for. It is clear that NC has been asking for separate Islamic Republic of Greater Kashmir, a theory which was propounded by Jewish Justice Owen Dixon, head of the UN Commission in J&K in 1951. Nehru had rejected this proposition which now has been camouflaged by National Conference under the umbrella of autonomy with the supporting crutches of the non-existent 1952 Agreement.
Prof. Bhim Singh has demanded the same action against Omar Abdullah and his father that Jawaharlal Nehru took against Sheikh Abdullah in 1953. Dismissal of father and son is the only way out for the security of the state and welfare of the Kashmiries.