Panthers Party joins nation praying for to save humanity from such disaster

Hundreds of Panthers Party activists in Kishtwar and Doda stood in silent for 20 minutes expressing deep shock and agony on the horrorful disaster in Uttarakhand resulting in tragic death of thousands of pilgrims and other human beings. Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of the National Panthers Party and Member of the National Integration Council appealed the people of the entire country to stand as one at this grave hour of national disaster and pray for peace in the heavens to the unfortunate souls who have died in these tragic floods.  Prof. Bhim Singh said the entire nation is one to express its sympathies with the families of the victims and we hope that the Prime Minister shall take urgent steps for the rehabilitation of the uprooted families and suffering people.
Panthers Party is also donated Rs.1 lac in the Prime Minister’s Fund for the rehabilitation of the suffering people in Uttarakhand.

Chetna Abhiyan rocks Congress-NC foundation in Doda-Kishtwar

NPP Chetna Abhiyan led by Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of the National Panthers Party arrived in Kishtwar last evening. In four days entire Udhampur Lok Sabha belt has shaken the foundation of Congress-NC in the area. The people in Doda and Kishtwar experienced earthquake last month resulting in the loss of huge private property, houses forcing people to sleep in the fields. This week there is Chetna Abhiyan which has rocked the existence of bloody rule of Congress-NC in the state.
Hundreds of people flooded to receive the Chetna Abhiyan and its large caravan comprising of leaders of the Panthers Party its wings of trade unions, women power, farmers council, young panthers and others. The prominent members of the team accompanying Prof. Bhim Singh comprise M/s. Syed Rafiq Shah, MLC, Young Panthers President, Ms. Anita Thakur, H.C. Jalmeria, Advocate, P.K. Ganjoo, State General Secretaries, Faqir Nath, ex-MLA, Provincial President, Bansi Lal Sharma, Advisor, Shakti Gupta, Shanker Singh Sarpanch, State General Secretary, Panthers Kisan Council, Jagdev Singh Sarpanch, President, Billawar District, Imtiaz Ahmed, District General Secretary, Ravinder Bileoria, State Secretary, Young Panthers and others.
On their arrival in Kishtwar an impressive reception was organized under the leadership of Mr. Anil Parihar, Provincial General Secretary & District President, Mr. Rajender Wazir.
Addressing the Panthers Party workers in Kishtwar Prof. Bhim Singh accused the coalition government for looting the state exchequer and robbing the earth-wealth of Doda District. He demanded that diamond (sapphire) mines in Padar should be auctioned publicly and its income which comes to be Rs.500 crores per annum should be kept at the disposal of District Development Board for the development of the backward areas. He accused the so-called democratic government for converting Padar, Marwah-Dachhan area into a human serfdom reminding the 16th century era. He reminded the rulers that nearly 50,000 population of Marwah-Wadwan have been living on barley corn and sleeping under the bushes, have not used the shoes even today and remained disconnected from the modern civilization. Having no roads, no medical facility, no bridges over the river let. Their votes are rigged during election and they have been living a hell for the past 60 years under Congress-NC rule.
He said that hydel projects in Kishtwar like Dul-hasti have given no benefit to the people. He said that Kishtwar District is the contribution of the Panthers Party and the people of Kishtwar who are subjected to the heights of oppression and suppression during the Kishtwar movement under Sheikh Abdullah’s regime. The seeds of terrorism were thrown by the National Conference in the peaceful area and creation of District has disappointed the people because there is no Delimitation of the Revenue Blocks, Assembly Constituencies or even Panchayats. One district has one Assembly constituency and its minority habited area of Chhatru has been tagged with Inderwal Assembly Constituency which falls in the District of Doda. He said that after the Delimitation of the Districts, delimitation of Assembly constituencies is inevitable in the interest of democracy and rule of law.
Inderwal zone organized a meeting this morning under its zonal president, Imtiaz Ahmed in Thathri. The farmers and workers complained on the discriminatory of use of MNREGA scheme. 100-day-job-card for the farmers and the workers has proved a big fraud and another den of corruption and loot. Hundreds of presentations were made to the Panthers Party by those who have been cheated by the local administration in the name of MNREGA. The Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes have been betrayed. There were several complaints by the quake-sufferers that they have not been identified as sufferers.
The Chetna Abhiyan shall be reaching in Kud (Chenani) area which has been the oldest kingdoms in Northern India where 54 generations ruled since Mahabharata in the Chenani State till 1947.
Prof. Bhim Singh warned the dictators of J&K that they shall no longer be able to stop the Ultimate Revolution in J&K for the Reorganisation of J&K State. He said that Jammu Pradesh is the richest region in North India which have got water resources, human resources, earth-wealth, the most dence forests in Northern India and it shall be the richest state in the entire country after Reorganization. The Chetna Abhiyan is spreading like jungle fire and anybody who stands the in its way shall be reduced to the ashes in the history.