NPP warns Arab leaders not to repeat Iraq in Syria

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, Member of National Integration Council & Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council expressed deepest agony and shock on the most unfortunate stand taken by Egypt and Saudi Arabia vis-à-vis Syria and its President, Dr. Bashar-al-Assad. He regretted the decision of newly elected President of Egypt, Mr. Mohamed Morsi to break diplomatic relations with Syria and provide all material including finances and weapons to the terrorists fighting against a legitimate government in Syria headed by Dr. Bashar-al-Assad. NPP Supremo who has spent several years in the Arab countries and is known sympathizer of Arab cause and unity. He was well-known friends of President, Saddam Hussein and Palestinian Hero Yasir Arafat. Prof. Bhim Singh is the only author who exposed Anglo-American game plan by writing a book, ‘Iraq-A Heroic Resistance’ which was described by the then Dy. Prime Minister of Iraq, Mr. Tariq Aziz as a living document on the effects of Iraqi people because of illegitimate UN Sanctions against Iraq.
Prof. Bhim Singh counselled the leadership in Saudi Arabia against pursuing blind pro-US policy vis-à-vis Syria. He said that after democracy was destroyed by Anglo-American plot and living a great civilization of Iraq on fire, the same situation the Anglo-American Bloc would like to create to establish total supremacy of Israel in the region. The Anglo-American Bloc has already taken control over entire oil, reservoirs in the Middle-East as well as in Libya. The entire political system including the Kingdoms and Sheikdoms shall be swallowed by Israel with the abetment of the Anglo-American Bloc. Prof. Bhim Singh warned the Arab leaders.
Prof. Bhim Singh said that it was a great tragedy in the history of the Arab world that most of the Arab leadership was physical liquidated by the Anglo-American Bloc in Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Libya and they intend to take over Syria by using Israel as their tool. Dr. Bashar-al-Assad is only leader left in the Arab world who is irking in their mind. He hoped that Arab League shall not surrender to the White House in their own interest. He also hoped that Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi shall not betray the faith of the great Egyptian people by surrendering to the dictates and will of the White House.

Map of Syria, Arab States.

Map of Syria, Arab States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prof. Bhim Singh urged Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India to propose to convene an emergency meeting of the NAM countries in the greater interest of peace in the Arab Peninsula. He also congratulated Russian President, Mr. Vladimir Putin for demonstrating his courage and wisdom to s

ave peace in Syria. The Panthers Party has decided to convene an emergency conference in July, 2013 on the situation in Syria and role of the NAM countries to save peace in the sub-continent.
Prof. Bhim Singh also sent congratulation to the President-elect Mr. Hassan Rohani for his great victory at times when Iran is passing through the most difficult period because of the US threat to Iran’s sovereignty.