No election in J&K without Delimitation Warns National Panthers Party

“J&K National Panthers Party has threatened that there shall be no Assembly or Parliamentary election in J&K if Delimitation is not held in the State. The party accused the Congress-NC ruled state for discriminating with the people of J&K by keeping the state out of the Delimitation process. This demand has been addressed to Shri N.N. Vohra, the Governor of J&K urging him to exercise his constitutional power to hold Delimitation of the Assembly constituencies before holding the election for the next Legislative Assembly in the State.”
Prof. Bhim Singh, the Chief Patron and Founder of the Panthers Party in his memorandum to the Governor has urged him to take stock of the entire situation and the mischievous role being played by the ruling clique in the state. He accused the UPA government also for kneeling before the Abdullah family to surrender its authority before an unconstitutional authority. He pointed out that Delimitation was held after the census of 2001 throughout the country by the Kuldip Singh Delimitation Commission except J&K. He said that the Panthers Party had moved the High Court and the Supreme Court in this regard but could not succeed, mainly for the reason that the effects of the census 2001 were getting diluted because of the fresh census of 2011.
The Panthers Party Supremo has raised the most important issue of reservations. He pointed out that there are seven Assembly constituencies reserved for the SC only in Jammu Pradesh for the past 18 years. Because J&K Assembly has a term of six years which itself is violative of the mandate of the Constitution. However, he said that there is no justification nor there is any mandate of the Constitution to continue reservations for 40 years without rotation. This is, he declared, a criminal discrimination against the people of Jammu that the non-Scheduled Caste electorates of the seven Assembly (reserved) segments are denied their fundamental rights to contest Assembly election for 40 years. This is a glaring example of violation of Article 14, 19, 21 among other provisions of the Constitution and shall not be accepted by the people. He said both the Congress and NC are responsible for this criminal conspiracy against the people of Jammu to humble them, disgrace them, humiliate them only because they are the Dogras and they belong to Jammu Pradesh. Why J&K was ignored from the Delimitation process?
Prof. Bhim Singh said that the Scheduled Tribes have legal entitlement of political reservation in the Assembly. The present government did not go for Delimitation because they do not want to grant reservation to the Gujjars, Bakerwals and the Gaddies.
Prof. Bhim Singh urged the Governor for his urgent intervention in this regard. He said that the party shall take up the battle from the streets to the Supreme Court to ensure that people shall not suffer from discrimination at the hands of NC and the Congress.